Final Year Industrial Design Major Project
Optimising and streamlining the toolset of a wild camper.


An electric camping stove that not only serves as a reliable cooking utensil but also doubles as a versatile space heater. Designed with the needs of wild campers in mind, OmniStove brings comfort and convenience to outdoor escapades.

Portable and Lightweight Design

Wild camping calls for gear that is easy to carry and transport. OmniStove’s compact and lightweight design makes it an ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. Its collapsible structure and detachable design enable hassle-free packing and effortless setup. Embrace the freedom to explore off-the-grid locations without compromising on comfort or portability.

Dual Functionality

Say goodbye to carrying multiple devices. OmniStove seamlessly transitions from a high-performance camping stove to a powerful space heater, catering to your cooking and heating needs with utmost efficiency. Prepare delicious meals with its reliable cooking capabilities, and when the sun sets and temperatures drop, switch to the space heater mode to create a warm and cozy atmosphere within your tent.

Safety is a priority

With an electric heating coil powering the OmniStove, there is no concern of being used in an enclosed environment. Unlike conventional gas, there is no carbon monoxide produced as a byproduct.

Physical prototypes produced using 3D printing.

Power Source

OmniStove harnesses the power of electricity to provide you with a clean and sustainable cooking and heating solution. By eliminating the need for traditional fuels like gas or wood, this electric camping stove ensures a minimal environmental footprint. Powered by rechargeable batteries, OmniStove enables you to enjoy nature’s beauty while reducing your impact on it.

2 units expanded and connected for use as a space heater.

Temperature Control

Every individual has unique preferences, and OmniStove understands that. With adjustable heat settings, you can tailor the temperature to suit your cooking requirements or create the perfect cozy ambiance within your campsite. The intuitive control with the temperature dial makes it easy for campers of all skill levels to operate, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

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