Katie Jade Pearson

Interested in using illustration and animation, especially within character design, to create visuals that are playful and sometimes a bit silly!

Final Project

D&AD New Blood X giffgaff brief

Challenge: To communicate giffgaff gaining b-corp status, as not many people understand what b-corp is and what it means for them.

Solution: I decided to create three separate animated instagram stories, addressing the topics of: planet, people, and profit. ‘Bad robot’ characters have been used to represent these three areas, to show how other companies may be going about them wrong and are doing damage. I then created this giffgaff robot character to come along in the animations and save the day!

The character was inspired by the digital noise giffgaff pattern from their branding identity, and has been created using cut out cardboard, and then made up digitally.

Project 1: giffgaff

Development process – using card to create giffgaff branded robots

Project 1: giffgaff

Robot 1 (pink): animation represents industrial waste and how companies should focus on being more sustainable, like giffgaff does. (Planet)

Robot 2 (blue): animation represents wellbeing of customers and employees within a business. (People)

Robot 3 (yellow): animation represents companies doing things like fixed contracts to try and get more money. (Profit)

Project 1: giffgaff

Storyboard of one of the animations in development

Project 2: Act Natural

This is a project focused on branding a new sustainably packaged line of products, aiming to make sustainable items more convenient and affordable to pick up at the supermarket, particularly focusing on items that are normally very plastic packaged.

As the brand is aimed at young families and adults, the approach with this project has been to create some slightly awkward characters in different scenarios applicable for each product, to target mainly the adults, but also get attention from the children too.

This image is an example of how one of the packaged products might look, in this case, for a paper cheese packaging.

Project 2: Act Natural

Examples of ideation within the development process for trying to generate ideas that would resemble the phrase ‘act natural’, and then after this generating touch points within the brand.

Other work

Big book project

A project illustrating Hilaire Belloc’s ‘Cautionary Tales for Children’.

The spreads are created using character design, and hand drawn lettering, and small type for text.

Big book project

Illustration close up from the double page spread for the poem about Jim.

Big book project

Illustration close up from a double page spread for the poem about Henry.

‘Plant a future’

Illustration for a poster design encouraging people in Sabah, Malaysia, to get involved in reforestation to save the rainforest.

The project was a set of three posters, with this one focusing on building a better life and food sources for Orangutan, illustrating them surrounded by Fig trees.

‘Plant a future’

Another poster encouraging reforestation, but this time representing a happier and more hopeful future for children and future generations to live in

Vice-Chancellor’s Christmas Card Competition

This was a design I entered for a Christmas card competition, which aims to illustrate the university’s sustainability efforts by showing polar bears (as one of the most impacted animals by climate change), being able to thrive in their natural habitat, and linking this to how Loughborough University helps to contribute towards this, whilst also referring to the sporty and cheerful community on campus.


  • Vice-Chancellor’s Christmas card competition winner

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