Final Project

Sun . Rain

A transference of thoughts and feelings into visual expression – ‘Sun . Rain’ is a personal project that I chose to experiment on. Final year had me at grief, weary relations, financial hardships and more, that tested me far beyond what I could of ever imagined.

Mental Health

I experimented with this project as a form of therapeutic intervention for oneself, in dedication to Mental Health Awareness Month. ‘Sun . Rain’ is a play on the parallel that there will always be sun to your rainy days, and rain to your sunny days – We shouldn’t have to rationalise what emotions we ‘should’, or ‘shouldn’t’ feel. I wanted to use this project to address the importance of self-awareness and reflection, and how we owe that to ourselves.

Art Intervention

I have reflected on colour theory and its connection with moods. Each visual represents a thought process that lies within a mood (colour), forwarding the concept that ‘seeing is believing’. Ironically, doing this has really helped me navigate through my last semesters of university, and in turn, has unveiled passions that I am willing to pursue in the future.

A Week’s Worth of UX

As well as my main project, I took on a week to practice more on my UX knowledge.

‘Util-Assistant’ is a platform that aims to de-bunk the unprecedented, and expensive, wait for monthly utility bills, by tracking a household’s usage every week. This would be calculated through collected data, from a connected house meter.

By doing so, the stakeholders (students under UK student housing), are able to see and compare earlier, therefore enabling a more efficient way to save.

Work Experience

2022 – Present: Children’s Support Worker, Sense

2021: Illustrator Intern, MN2S

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Visionary Makers