Jing Cheng

Designer from Industrial Design, Loughborough University, UK.
Love industrial design and fashion.

Final Project

Outdoor Emergency Water Bottle

WATAIR is an outdoor emergency water bottle. WATAIR collects water in the air through a semiconductor condensation device. Water is collected in the bottle after being filtered. WATAIR can help users drink clean water anytime, anywhere during outdoor pursuits or rock climbing.

Structural Design in Line with User Requirements

The spring-press cup lid design can help users easily open the cup lid . The lid can also block fallen leaves and dust while collecting water in the air.

The detachable dust-proof net can help users clean the parts of the water bottle.

Semiconductor Condensing Device Test

Experimental testing of the function of the water bottle proved that the design is highly feasible.

When the temperature and humidity are kept within a defined range, the efficiency of the semiconductor condensing device can be adjusted by turning the button. When the temperature and humidity are outside a certain range, the device will automatically heat and humidify.

Perspective View

The structure and assembly of parts is very simple, enabling easy assembly by the user.

Initial Thoughts

Not the final design product video, but a useful inspiration.

Journey to the Show

This is a drone and petri dish that collects and releases lacewing insects. It helps agriculture reduce the damage of pests through biological control methods.

Lacewing insects are collected by the bottom of the drone through the principle of a Dvacuum cleaner.

The drone then flies to the crops at low altitude to release lacewing insects.

The Lacewing insect constant temperature Petri dish can help lacewing insects to have a reasonable temperature environment in different life stages.

Lacewing insects are placed in the top container. The drone can collect them from the hole in the middle through a negative pressure vacuum device.

3D printed speakers made by Yoshino in Cambridge, UK.

Designing the internal structure of the camera as an intern at Hikvision Hangzhou, China.

Pet clothing designed as an intern at BediPet in Shanghai, China.


  • A Mine Intrinsically Safe High-voltage Electrical Switch Temperature Measuring Device
  • A Comprehensive Protection Device for Motor


  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

  • Zhejiang Micro Multi Copter Innovations Tec hnologies (February-September2022)
  • EAR Yoshino (October – November 2021)
  • HIKVISION (July – September 2021)
  • UCAN (July – September 2020)
  • Bedi Pet Toy Limited Company (April – June 2020)
  • RUIYU Clothing Limited Company (June – July 2018)
  • Jiessie Business Suit (June – August 2017)

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