Justine Darby

I am a multidisciplinary designer with a passion for activism and the environment. My work to date has focused on this, and I now plan to broaden my skills and am interested in working in the gaming or film industries.

D&AD New Blood Awards Submission

Look Past Their Past

Look Past Their Past is a campaign in response to the Google Fonts brief by D&AD. It is an interactive typographic campaign targeted at commuters in the UK. This campaign aims to reduce the rates of reoffending while ultimately increasing job opportunities for those who have been incarcerated, in order to break the cycle of recidivism. 

The campaign is printed within a newspaper and has multiple elements which reveal hidden messages once the user interacts with them.

Stage 1

The first step is to create empathy for ex-prisoners and to understand that they are likely to have suffered with trauma and abuse which has caused them to turn to crime. This interactive element is playing cards with thermal ink which the public will touch to reveal the hidden message.

Stage 2

The second section encourages the reader to look beyond their convictions and to view them as more than their criminal record. The message at this stage is revealed by photochromic ink so when the user opens the newspaper the text will slowly appear.

Stage 3

The final stage aims to raise awareness of the cost to society and individuals, and to understand why some ex-prisoners reoffend. It encourages the public to give them a second chance and to provide employment opportunities. This stage has scratch of bars which is the only interactive element which cannot be reverted into its original state.

Video Presentation

As part of my submission to D&AD, I created a video presentation explaining how the campaign will be seen and interacted with by members of the British public who commute to work.


Embrace is a community for young girls who are going through their scoliosis journey, from diagnosis through to surgery and recovery. The aim of this brand is to empower young girls and make them proud of their condition and to make sure they never feel alone. 

Video Presentation

As part of my submission, I created an animated video which explains how the brand and community will provide the girls with support throughout their scoliosis journey.


DPS – Diploma in Professional Studies

Work Experience

Junior Graphic Designer: Me:Mo

July 2021 – July 2022

I completed my placement year at a restaurant marketing firm called Me:Mo. During this year in industry, I created work for a variety of clients using their brand guidelines​​​​​​​. Work includes Highlight Covers, Menu Design, Tiles for Social Media, Story Templates, GIFS and Animation, and Photos for clients. 

Art Worker: ThisisNessie

2019 – Current

I currently work for a small design studio on their Remote Art Desk where I create the customers’ orders on InDesign for a variety of different products. I have gained experience in working in a fast paced environment and paying close attention to detail.
This role includes using CMS to communicate with customers if there are any issues with their order as well as liaising with colleagues to solve problems and meet strict deadlines.

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