Benedict Andrew Delahunt

Animator and Motion Designer with a focus on Storytelling. Almost 5 years of experience as a medical animator and 2D Designer for Fusion Medical Animation.

Down the Alt-Right Pipeline

I decided to tackle a difficult topic with one of my projects: how many young men are being radicalised into the Alt-Right online on websites such as YouTube, and how it slowly manifests from a teenage edginess to full blown White-Supremacy.

Building a Metaphor

To try and show this slow infestation of the psyche, I wanted to create the metaphor of the body and mind being run as an organisation. Through the use of black and white and very limited colour, the world would slowly be inhabited by more and more infected individuals – converted by the content being shown to the workers behind the eyes. This would eventually climax in the introduction of a hopeful point of view, and the suggestion that somebody on this trajectory can still change their mind before it is too late.

Creating an Animatic

Due to the limited timing of the University program, I created the first part of the storyboard as a developed animatic to showcase how the world building would look and feel, as well as how the entire piece would time to the music.

Hope not Hate

The project revolves around the charity Hope not Hate, who support community engagement and use their research to target mistrust and racism, online and in the physical world.

Final Animatic

The final animatic is just under a minute long and showcases the culmination of my research and work for the project, accurate to the character that the full animation would have.

Other Projects

Throughout my time at Loughborough I’ve worked as an animator for Fusion Medical Animation, gaining almost 5 years of experience – so much of my work outside of University is medical or scientific in nature.

I also like to work on more abstract concepts, as I find metaphor and storytelling almost as exciting as I find making designs move and come to life.

Having studied and worked through a pandemic, it’s only natural that I have some work relating to the COVID-19 outbreak, focusing on the efficacy of vaccines and vaccine distrust.

I’ve also worked on some freelance work, with one project for Handy and Google Nest, looking to explain a new program that connects HVAC engineers with Google Nest users that are experiencing heating or cooling issues at home.

One of my more abstract works was a short looping animation of a detective struggling to solve his own murder case, experimenting with a Film Noir aesthetic and Saul Bass inspired illustration style.

Sometimes my medical work ends up being rather complicated and detailed, and so I’ve become accustomed to the challenge of showing complex systems in a way that is simple to understand and elegant.

Work Experience

I have almost five years experience as a medical animator, having worked for Fusion Medical Animation before and throughout my tenure at Loughborough University, as well as multiple freelance projects with brands such as Handy and Google Nest.

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