Ilinca Maria Costea

My design journey has been about finding my voice and understanding the right approach to share my ideas with the world. Sensitivity and attention to detail are what I value the most in the creative process.

Final Project

OTIUM x Skillshare

OTIUM is a location in a form of a creative hub where people can pursue and pick up new hobbies. The main goal of the platform is to promote the benefits of having leisure time, such as improving mental health and having a balanced work life. With an opportunity to bring a digital platform into the real world, OTIUM is partnering up with one of the most popular online learning websites – Skillhare.


Tools and kits are an invaluable aspect of a creative hobby. Each kit includes high-quality GOOuache paints and CRAYOOns, ensuring a seamless experience for both beginners and experienced hobbyists. The design elements are inspired by Skillshare’s brand identity and OTIUM’s visual language.

Outside the Line: Workshops

By embracing the core values of the hobby hub, the project creates a safe and inspiring space where individuals can pursue their passions, nurture their mental well-being, and strike a harmonious balance between work and life. The hub is more than just a place to learn skills; it is a catalyst for personal transformation, self-discovery, and the pursuit of a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

D&AD New Blood 2023 Submission

Threaded Stories

Created as a response to the D&AD Penguin Books brief, Threaded Stories is a collection of merchandise which is meant to attract Gen Z readers and enhance their reading experience. This project was a collaboration with Andra Ghituica.

Project Insights

Threaded Stories is a new merchandise line that is taking a fresh approach to attract younger readers for Penguin Books. From collectible patches to cosy blankets, Threaded Stories offers a range of fun and affordable products that reflect the interests and values of Gen Z. With Threaded Stories, Penguin Books is not only expanding its reach but also promoting a love of reading and learning that transcends generations.

Embroidered Patches

From classic literature to contemporary bestsellers, the Threaded Stories embroidered patches feature iconic symbols that capture the essence of each story. Additionally, readers can celebrate their love of literature and personal goals with the line of achievement patches. They are designed to commemorate reading milestones, from completing a romance novel to reaching a certain number of books read in a year.

Digital Story

Completing the Threaded stories collection has never been easier. Using the app, every book lover can create and edit their own reading list, purchase a bundle of patches and even check out what their friends are reading.

The Experience

Once you finish the book, look through the Threaded Stories app to find the corresponding patch, and keep track of your collection in a unique way. The choice of patches is completely up to every reader and their preferences. That’s what makes Threaded Stories different.

Complete Collection

From cosy blankets to stylish book cover sleeves, the Threaded Stories collection is the perfect way to celebrate the love of reading. Each item features a whimsical design inspired by some of the most beloved books of all time, making them the perfect way to start a conversation or connect with fellow book lovers.

Tell Your Story

We aim to celebrate the beauty of storytelling. Each item is carefully crafted with intricate designs and vibrant colours that bring to life some of the most beloved tales from around the world. With the Threaded Stories collection, readers can bring the magic of books into their life and enjoy it for years to come.

Pocket Museum

Pocket Museum is a service which will make the museum visiting experience more valuable by collecting the exhibits during a walk-through. It creates a space where accessing information is easier, more accessible and enhances the cultural value of each visit.

App Design

The app design references a  newspaper design and it is minimalistic. The collected exhibits will shine through and it is easy to navigate due to colour codes.

At the Tip of Your Fingers

The first step of collecting exhibitions is very easy – the user has to walk up to the specific object or artwork they want to collect. They then have to scan it using their app – similar to how you would scan a QR code. Then a ticket would appear on the screen – that means you have collected the exhibit in your pocket.


Online Activation

App Breakdown


Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Junior Graphic Designer | Creative Pro Design – Advertising Agency | March 2022 – August 2022

Worked with a range of brands, from beverages to healthcare, and created visual identities, online and physical campaigns according to client needs. Got a first-hand look at client requests, handled multiple projects simultaneously and worked alongside industry professionals.

Graphic Design Intern | Glassworks London | July 2021 – March 2022

My main responsibilities were based around branding and marketing. Creatively and visually supported multiple marketing channels such as email, social media & website, and was creating in-house materials depending on seasonal and promotional requests.

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