Final Project


EcoTerra aims to assist and improve with the wellbeing of it’s users through Aromatherapy & Horticulture. Research heavily shows that even just the presence of plants within the home massively contributes towards better wellbeing. Aromatherapy also has many benefits for user wellbeing and actively uses the sense of smell to create a more relaxing home environment.


EcoTerra aims to increase the accessibility to plants, particularly users living in small compact urban homes by providing modular space saving solutions for all of home environments. The unique aesthetic utilises a wave pattern around the perimeter for the plants to fit together as well as a tube running through adjacent corners of all units to allow them to be stacked and secured using bamboo pins.

Air Care

The main functional component of EcoTerra is an air-care unit, which synthesises the function of air purifiers and aromatherapy (essential oil) diffusers. The similar internal components facilitated this dual-functionality and provides the user with a unique air-care product that actively enhances user wellbeing through filtering out micro pollutants and creating a personalised peaceful environment..

Circular Economy

Through careful and considerate design for manufacture, the Air-Care unit utilises internal adjacent holes, which facilitate the joining and manufacture of this product using four screws running through the entire body allowing for easy disassembly.

More than “Just a Plant Pot”

Extensive research into the various methods of enhancing plant health and lifespan, the EcoTerra planters feature an irrigation system, which also functions as a water reservoir allowing for plant growth with minimal management.

Journey to the Show

A medium fidelity functional prototype that I created to test the function of one of the iterations of the Air-Care lid using an ultrasonic disc from a dismantled diffuser.

The disassembled components that were put together to create my final appearance and interactions models, manufactured using cork, ProLab and plastic filament.

An exploded view render of the Air-Care unit to show the assembly and complexity of the product as well as highlight how it fits together with the screws.

An x-ray view render to show the Air-Care unit’s internal components as well as illustrate how the internal fan and filters work alongside the ultrasonic disc for the essential oil diffuser.

My chosen specialism for this project was branding. Creating EcoTerra from scratch was an enjoyable experience, which gave me insights into different areas of design.

One of the core elements of the branding specialism was creating the packaging for the product, which encapsulated the brand and brand image within a user touch point.

The branding guidelines created for EcoTerra gave me the insights that informed the physical details on the product.

Work Experience

PriestmanGoode. – July 2021 – September 2022

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