Oliver Gilbert Martin

I am committed to self-driven excellence and am motivated to continually broaden my versatile skill set and push my creative boundaries. I am passionate about visual communication and possess an acute attention to detail.

Semester 2 Project


‘DuoHunt’ is in response to the Duolingo D&AD New Blood brief. The goal was to get primary school children in the habit of doing daily maths to boost their maths skills. ‘DuoHunt’ is a weekly treasure hunt within schools that involves maths puzzles to figure out and find the treasure. Incentivising the children to download DuoMaths and develop their maths skills to find the treasure!

Active and engaging lesson plans using Duo Math content.

Active Learning

Monday to Thursday active maths lessons created by DuoMaths are held to teach the children necessary maths skills to solve the Treasure Hunt held on the Friday. These lessons designed to be fun and engaging, suited for primary school children.

Treasure Map

On the Treasure Hunt day, the children are given this treasure map to start the hunt. Which they must follow and solve clues maths clues along the way.

Treasure Map for the children to use during their treasure hunt.
Rewards map that she's the treasure unlocked each week.

Rewards Map

Each week holds a new treasure to find. Mapping it out for the children creates excitement and a determination to win. Thus, the children practise their maths skills.

NHS x The Makaton Charity

This collaboration aims to get parents to learn Makaton through Antenatal classes. Makaton is a language system that involves signing, symbols and speech, for their children, detected to have Autism and/or Down’s syndrome via ultrasounds. As Makaton can greatly improve the children’s communication skills and independence.

Care Package given to parent(s) by the GP 1 month after detecting Autism / Down's syndrome in the child.

GP Care Package

One month after detecting Autism / Down’s syndrome, the parent(s) are given a Care Package, as a manageable introduction to Makaton.

Booking app for the Antenatal, Makaton classes.

Booking App

The parent(s) can book on to the Antenatal classes that teach Makaton through this app.

Snapaton Card game which is in the GP Care Package.


Part of the Care Package includes a game of Snapaton. Which is Snap with Makaton signs.

App: Homepage


Central hub of the app, which allows the user to access all content available on the app.

App: Antenatal class locations

Choosing the Location

The closest locations are shown to the user(s), making it as convenient as possible.

App: Booking Process

Booking Process

The date, time and Doctor/Nurse is free to choose, to be as inclusive of all situations as possible.

App: Makaton Level

Makaton Levels

The amount of classes attended determines the level at which the parent(s) are at. The more classes attended the harder the teaching of Makaton gets.

Work Experience

Managed the social media presence of a museum to gain exposure and increased engagement. The work involved re-designing the layouts and physical displays within the museum, through setting up photoshoots and designing working in a creative team. With the goal to make the museum more appealing to a younger audience. Crucially, ideas were presented to other members of the design team and the museum curator.

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