Fluid workspaces have several advantages, but at the cost of an inherent reduction in control over the local environment – essentia aims to offset this and benefit the user’s wellbeing by providing privacy and personalisation, enabling them to make any space feel more comfortable.

A selection of office accessories are available, enabling the user to tailor essentia to their needs. Customisation can be used to make playful fashion statements, or to simply blend into the office environment.

For users who change workplace frequently, essentia can be easily collapsed and transported to a new location, fitting in large backpacks such as the above which is designed specifically for essentia. For users willing to compromise on privacy for increased transportability, a smaller version is available which is only slightly larger than their laptop, hence will fit in their pre-owned bag.

 In a modern work culture dominated by video calls, ambient lighting provides a medium to indicate availability through non-verbal communication.

Shown above is how essentia could integrate into a co-working space, being used to shape the office landscape and giving control to the users. The smaller version of essentia can be seen on the nearest desk.

In developing essentia, a high-fidelity prototype was fabricated and tested at several shared offices, as well as public spaces such as hot-desking cafes.

Other Projects

Pondi is a lamp which explores the connections built between object and person. This project was sparked by Donald Norman’s “Emotional Design” and my interest in the utility of anthropomorphising objects in positively impacting a product’s lifetime.

Shown above are The Elements and Aether, a conceptual furniture collection heavily rooted in materials, their tactility and their connection with nature.

Pondi had humble beginnings, as an exercise in improving my skills in CAD software; however, the project expanded and transformed as my interest in the subject matter grew.

The name Aether refers to the (now dis-proven) mystical fifth element, which at a point was thought to explain several natural phenomena by providing a medium to travel through. This inspired its modular structure and inherently ever-changing form, transforming to provide the user not just with solely an object, but a medium.


  • HEXR Award – Most Notable Design Skills Prize
  • Diploma of International Studies

Work Experience

After completing a study exchange at Politecnico di Milano, I interned at Pearson Lloyd in London. During this time, I utilised the skills from my product design education in the broader realms of furniture, transport and installation design.

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