Final Project

Filt – a microplastic filter for domestic washing machines

Creating an external microplastic filter for domestic washing machine is an easy way to manage the responsibility of exposing microplastics into water supplies to reduce health concerns associated with hormone disruptions in animals and humans shown in recent studies.

I wanted to begin a long-term journey of implementing intentional and conscious living starting with UK households where families can educate each other about the choices they make and do in life have internal and external impacts in their environment.

Problem Source

As societies buy and wear affordable clothes that contain synthetic materials, these are laundered as routine, but fail to be removed at water treatment systems. This opens the exposure of microplastic fibres to water supplies affecting our food chain, thereby affecting our health and wellbeing.

Beyond Filt

The easy option when cleaning-out your filter with bits of fluff is to throw it in the bin and forget it exists. The reality is that it doesn’t end here with Filt as a viable business. I have incorporated a special envelope design that encourages users to save their collected fibres by up to 27 times before sending it back to manufacturers to repurpose into new products such as insulation, mattresses, stuffing for pillows and toys.

The Filter

The filter is designed in a unique shape to maximise the capacity to filter water at one time and still equally benefit from collecting microplastic fibres.

Matching Accessory

Matching the microplastic filter to the popular white colour of current washing machines makes for a complementary accessory to add to your washing machine to take action to reduce the exposure of microplastics in water supplies.


Easy access to get to the filter with handles.​

Works by water pressure and gravity.​

Funnel-like filter shape to streamline the grey water through.​

Mesh filter with 80 micrometre holes shaped into waves for maximised filtration at one time.​

Hemisphere base to guide the flow of filtered grey water into the drain hose.​

Similar aesthetics to match your white washing machine.

Work Experience

  • Head of UX & UI Design (Full-time), HubinIT (Start-up) (09/2021 – 04/2022) As part of a start-up company based in Amsterdam, I led a team of UX & UI Designers, through remote collaborative work and communication, to achieve efficiently functional digital designs catered to an online platform.


  • Diploma of Professional Studies.

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