Jessica Smith

Hi, I'm Jess - a conscientious and empathetic designer with a profound interest in crafting meaningful interactions that not only influence behavioural change, but also create experiences that enrich lives and have an ever-lasting, positive impact on users.

Final Project


Diabetic plantar Ulcers (DPU) cause 40,000 deaths each year in the UK, which is 4 times higher than deaths related to breast cancer. With diabetic numbers expected to reach 5.5M by 2030 in the UK, serious action is needed. Sole is a foot care device that is designed to assist diabetics with independently managing their plantar health. Sole aspires to empower the diabetic community, prevent worse health outcomes through promoting proactive healthcare practices, and raise awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy, happy feet.

How Sole Works

Sole provides two proactive plantar healthcare methods that can be independently performed with ease via a foot-controlled button panel. IR sensors are used to create a thermographic image of the user’s feet, which can detect DPU development 1 month prior to visible signs. Red Light Therapy is also implemented, which helps to improve circulation, enhance wound healing and reduce inflammation. This technology sits beneath a Dielectric Bragg Mirror, which is simply used to encourage diabetics to examine the bottom of their feet on a daily basis.

Digital Learning Tool

Sole is accompanied by UI to create the user experience of being; proactive, empowered, consistent, reassured and insightfully informed. The built-in interface helps to guide the user step-by-step through the process of caring for their feet and can be customised to allow Sole to align with their individual lifestyle, routine and health goals. In addition, via the mobile app, the user is able to explore their plantar health journey, share summary reports with their diabetic healthcare team, discover their local communities and learn more about how to properly manage all aspects of their unique condition.

User at the Heart

Diabetes is a multi-systemic condition which over time can cause serious damage to the heart, blood vessels, eyes, kidneys and nerves. From button spacing and ergonomics to font size, colour contrast and brightness, Sole has been adapted to ensure all members of the diabetic community have equal access to the supported self-management tool, no matter their health status.

Diabetes and Emotions

Diabetes does not only have physical effects; it can also have a big impact on emotions. 3 in 5 people living with diabetes in the UK experience mental health problems due to their condition. Therefore, Sole prioritises the necessity for balance between healthcare and emotional well-being by incorporating typical clinical practices into personal care experiences that can be performed comfortably in the user’s home.

Additional Projects


The cost of living is a major worry for 56% of young people, but what is more concerning is that 21% of 11 – 12-year-olds have money worries that cause them stress and anxiety. How can we better prepare our younger generation for future financial challenges? Arika by ‘Go Henry’ provides financial literacy education to ‘tweens’ and a tangible experience with digital money to ensure the future generation have the skillset and knowledge to make good financial decisions in their later life.


Apoyo is designed for rural Spanish holiday homeowners from the UK who want to enjoy their family holidays but find property maintenance time-consuming. Apoyo encourages the user to take a proactive approach towards maintaining their holiday home by providing an easy-to-use communication pathway with key stakeholders that can be used from overseas. This not only improves the property’s EPC rating but also ensures more time can be spent with friends and family on holiday.


  • Diploma in Professional Studies 2022

Work Experience

Experience working as a Creative Design Intern at 3 Colours Rule: Branding & Marketing Agency. 3CR provided the opportunity to work with tech companies such as AmEx and Facebook META to create compelling brand assets that reflected their brand mission, values and personality. This included the design and development of websites, apps, social media assets, logos and much more. I also had the incredible opportunity to support my colleagues in the production, design and distribution of ‘The Voices In The Shadow: Volume 1’ for the non-profit organisation GTA: Black Women In Tech.

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