Maia Spence

I value client collaboration, in order to create captivating and impactful visual experiences.

Final Year Project

Riza – The Secret to Stretching Time Between Hair Salon Visits

The Offer

Riza understands the link between hair and confidence. The brand offers a safe, healthy, and affordable solution that stretches your hair colour between salon visits, ensuring you always have high quality dye that is easily applied at home, keeping you feeling your best at all times.

The Function

Your hairdresser prepares the ideal dye mixture for you and fills the refill cartridge. When you want to refresh your hair colour at home, simply place the refill into your device and watch as Riza pumps, mixes and applies dye evenly onto your roots.

The Target

This luxurious product targets women over 30 and is designed to offer a comfortable dying experience. Its sleek design makes it a proud display in your bathroom.

The App

With the product connecting to an app that tracks your dye journey, you are given the confidence in ensuring you have evenly distributed the dye over your roots.

“Roots Recolour Riza”


The silicone applicator and user-friendly interface make the hair dyeing process effortless and straightforward.


Its captivating branding has a subtle but strong connection with the product. The name, which means “root” in Greek, and the graphic design resembling hair strands showcase the careful deliberation behind every aspect of the branding.


The sleek aesthetics of the product contribute to its intriguing final form, while seamlessly blending with the hair market’s expectations and standards.

Cambridge Consultants – Live Brief

Stash – Helping People Build a Better Relationship with Personal Finance

Stash removes the fear of digital banking, allowing its users to track their spending habits through their receipts, whether that be card or cash at home without Internet. Its green colour pallet represents stability within one’s finance.


Stash scans cash and card receipts without the need for internet for the target audience of 65+ year olds. It will scan and pull data, collating and storing the information. It allows users to track their spending habits without using online banking apps or budgeting tools as well as not having to wait until the end of the month for a credit card bill.


With 23% Of 65+ year olds developing money management problems this is a device that builds their confidence with banking and tracks their spending habits needed to be implemented.


Your receipt is slotted through the rubber grip where a roller assembly takes the receipt through scanning technology and OCR where the information is then added to the your tracking page in a user friendly output for you to read and understand.


As 51% Of 65+ year olds do not use online banking due to them not feeling comfortable with it being secure. Stash allows users to keep their banking in the safety of their own home, while ensuring their spending habitats are tracked


  • Diploma of Professional Studies 2022

Work Experience

By working with Signet Branding Packaging company, I excelled in designing and manufacturing custom packaging that help businesses enhance their brand presence and captivate their target audience. I worked closely with over 150 clients in a 12 month period to understand their unique requirements and reduce their environmental impact without compromising on aesthetics or functionality.

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