Dhruv Kalra

I am an aspiring industrial designer from Loughborough University. I have travelled across the globe to study design from a global and targeted perspective. An important part of my education has been to take my lessons from the classroom to real-world utility. The field of design is filled with unexplored ideas that I would like to pursue in my career.

Final Project


‘Sense’ is a stress management project that promotes calmness and well-being through the use of acupressure, brainwaves, and colour projection.

Given today’s hectic lifestyle, everyday stress has become increasingly overwhelming for many users. Sense addresses this issue by integrating the physiological and psychological aspects of stress.

Acupressure is selected as the primary method for stress relief, implemented through a built-in stepper motor connected to a soft fabric-covered endpoint, providing a more comfortable touch. The design of the product facilitates convenient access to its internal components, resulting in enhanced durability and sustainability.

Multiple iterations of the product were analysed and developed through an extensive range of sketches and prototyping techniques, including foam modelling and 3D printing.

‘Sense’ captures users’ vital signs through built-in electrodes and manages their mental well-being through a companion app, resulting in a personalized user experience. Adaptability and accessibility are key design principles implemented in this project.

‘Sense’ has been designed to offer users the convenience of seamless adjustability across various sizes, presenting three overarching options: Small (S), Medium (M), and Large (L). All physical interactions with the product are designed to be operated with one hand, ensuring ease of use. The product addresses the user’s requirement for a physical solution that provides assistance during overwhelming and stressful situations.

Sense App

The companion app enables users to control the physical device using their smartphone, in addition to the available physical controls. It allows users to interact with the colour projection and brainwave elements of the product, enhancing the mindful session.

The app provides AI-generated coping strategy mechanisms tailored to a user’s mood. It offers valuable information in easy-to-interpret graphs that compare both the physiological and psychological aspects of stress. Furthermore, the app includes features such as journaling, community engagement, and exploration, enabling users to experiment with a diverse range of mindful exercises reviewed by their peers.

Early Concept Pitch Video

Other Projects


Solo is an image capturing device that detects and identifies different species of birds and animals.

The brief was to identify an opportunity for an ‘Internet of Things’ product to use in a clearly defined context. The identified opportunity should be based on a current or projected need for up to five years in the future.

Sky Light

Sky Light is a product and service that enables fun, engaging & interactive remote collaboration, centred around cooking together and sharing recipes, with a focus on building deep connections between the elderly and the youth.

The objective was to enhance connections: How might we amplify the potential of entertainment technology to connect people with one another from the comfort and safety of their home?


Frena is a slider toaster with a futuristic design language. Frena means toaster in Latin, a language spoken by the people of the Roman Empire, where it is believed that the concept of toast or warm bread first became popular.

The project takes an archetypal product, a toaster, and provides the opportunity to showcase imagination and design skills with a focus on desirability and sustainability (25 years of predicted lifespan).

Hurley Fin Key

The Hurley Fin Key is a tool used to secure fins onto surfboards to improve board control and stability.

The aim was to develop a functional polymer ‘widget’ with the purpose of distributing it as a promotional item to endorse a fitting brand/product.

Queens Rest Gin

Queens Rest Gin comes from a distillery situated in the centre of Peterborough near the Peterborough Cathedral. The inspiration is drawn from the two queens buried in the Peterborough Cathedral, Katherine of Aragon and Mary Queen of Scots.

The project entailed designing and developing a fresh packaging concept for a brand, specifically targeting the price range of £30 to £50.

Triton Sustainable Shower

The objective was to reimagine showering in a net-zero carbon context, incorporating minor improvements throughout the process.

The proposed redesign introduces a solar-powered digital shower, utilizing advanced temperature control to optimize water heating and increase energy efficiency.

Video Portfolio 2021


  • 3rd Position in Design Week Live Projects
  • Diploma of Professional Studies

Work Experience

Student Product Design Engineer |August 2021 – August 2022|
Vax Ltd. | Droitwich, United Kingdom

Comprehensive research and product development using aesthetic models and working prototypes. Critical analyses of the designs at every stage of product development.
Extensive CMF and VBL analysis of products for a better understanding of the overall aesthetic of a consumer electronic product. Conducted various industry standard testing procedures.

Design Intern |June 2019 – September 2019|
Design Acrolect | New Delhi, India

Identified, analysed, and interpreted trends or patterns for market surveying and material research.
Worked in a team of 7 with key stakeholders to identify, design and
communicate key results and strategies for current and prospective projects for business growth.

Student Volunteer |February 2019 – March 2019|
Iamgurgaon | Gurgaon, India

Successfully completed 40 hours with Iamgurgaon in painting the Art Wall at Wazirabad (India) led by Arun Kumar HG.
Installation was published in various newspapers like Hindustan Times and HT City.

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