Final Project


A safety device designed specifically for nightclub security and venue staff. It’s a comprehensive all in-one tool that can identify drink spiking incidents with ease. The device features a primary breathalyser test and a secondary drug test, both of which are fully automated.

The device employs a primary breathalyser test to determine the intoxication levels of the user, followed by a secondary drug test. Using a saliva sample, this test effectively detects the presence of common drugs associated with drink and needle spiking incidents.

The secondary test incorporates a custom testing cartridge inserted into the device. Equipped with a built-in camera, it accurately identifies and displays the test result, ensuring precise detection and documentation for enhanced safety measures.

Mechatronics Project (Group)


R2D2-inspired coffee machine, a delightful blend of design and functionality. This fully automated Aeropress machine serves up your favourite brew with a choice of four flavours. The project features embedded electronics designed to perform a range of tasks. From boiling water to dispensing one of four delectable coffee flavours and pressing the coffee.

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