Final Project

giffgaff / A Voicemail With Values

(D&AD 2023 Pencil Winner)

This project was a response to a D&AD brief from giffgaff, that asked for a campaign to ‘tell the story of giffgaff becoming a B Corp, and what that really means.’

So, B Corps are all the talk, but what are they actually all about? 

I came to the conclusion that, for members of giffgaff, B Corps are about shared values, trust and commitment… and so is dating! Using this slightly unusual comparison, I was able to tell the story of giffgaff becoming a B Corp using lighthearted, relatable terms that reflect giffgaffs unique tone of voice.

The result is this attention-grabbing campaign, that humanises the idea of a B Corp and champions the close relationship giffgaff has between them and their members.

Other Projects


For this semester 1 project I created the hypothetical product SipSafe, a straw that changes colour if you have been spiked. As a brand, it aims to empower women to have a carefree night out. I designed a vibrant and disruptive visual identity that would stand out from other products on the market, and that speaks directly to the target audience and their environment.


  • D&AD Pencil 2023

Work Experience

One year placement as a Graphic Design Intern at the Walt Disney Company.

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