Final Project

eBridge by eBay

D&AD submission fulfilling the brief: Create an outcome to encourage Get Z to sell (and buy) their pre-loved items on eBay. My solution to this was to create a social video marketplace App for musicians to sell and buy their pre-loved instruments, while connecting with like-minded people.

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Supporting image for text. eBridge shopping feed.

Video Marketplace

I adopted the strategy of creating a visual marketplace, to appeal to social media-obsessed Gen Z, while creating the optimal shopping experience for beginner musicians. Hearing an instrument before purchase is integral to assessing quality, providing a solution for shopping online for instruments.

A Social Marketplace

Video listings make the app more engaging to use to sell and buy. Like-minded musicians can also learn from each other, and create communities of musicians called eHubs within the app, to maintain user engagement with the app, outside of transactions.

Supporting image for text. eBridge instructional info.
Supporting image for text. Device mockups for video.

Activation Video

The video captures the meaning behind an instrument through a compilation of guitarists, appealing to more experienced musicians. The activation video is to peak the interest of musicians and get them to begin considering selling an old instrument on eBay.


Sell. Buy. Connect. On eBridge. Made for musicians of all abilities, showcased by the nature of the video. Old instruments have memories, and milestones attached to them, which can be passed on to a new owner through the app.

Diversity in Design

Supporting image for text. Device mockup for Diversity in Design Video

Only 1.4% of designers in the UK are black. This campaign video highlights the existing designers, the amazing work produced in the industry, and encourages other young people to consider pursuing a career in design. The video would launch on all social media sites.

Supporting image for text. Mockup for DID video

The video would be displayed in public places with higher young black populations such as London, Birmingham and Coventry. The start of the video should act as an appeal for creative minded young people, and the QR code means quick access to the website.

Supporting image for text. Print mockup for parent toolkit.

The parent toolkit as part of the Diversity in Design campaign, is a print and digital document, outlining the reality of pursuing a career in design, and addressing any preconceptions parents within the black community may have about the design industries.

Supporting image for text. Phone mockup for DID online parent toolkit

The parent toolkit includes information on average salary, employment rate, and also gives examples of existing successful black british designers. Hopefully, resolving any queries they may have and encouraging new designers to enter the industry.

Supporting image for text. Urban Poster mockup for DID promo posters.

The promotional posters include key statistics on the lack of representation in the design industry, in an illustrative infographic format. The visual language is focussed on information and recruitment, with a bright colour scheme.

Supporting image for text. Highstreet banner mockup for DID promo banners

The banners feature the partner for the campaign, which is the Diversity in Design Collaborative, which is a US organisation offering opportunities to young minorities with an interest in various design fields. In theory, this campaign is an expansion of this into the UK.

Work Experience

During my year in industry I was a Digital Design Intern for Canon Europe, working alongside the Creative Services team to create and design internal and external business assets for Canon EMEA stakeholders, including customer facing campaigns for partners including Dubai Expo 2020 and the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Diploma of Professional Studies

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