Final Project

“Endless Summers”

“Endless summers” is a sustainable and non-permanent furnishing collection for elderly individuals moving into retirement homes. The aim is to fuse together residents personal memories – turning somewhat ‘clinical spaces’ into bright and bold places and overall, creating a place someone would be happy to call their home. This collection is inspired by my grandma Joan’s Garden and past childhood memories. It looks at simple, everyday aspects including her peach tree – which brought in a record harvest of over 110 peaches one summer, to the Welsh farmhouse she grew up in. Each piece of this collection has a story behind it, such as the peach print, which is a literal translation of primary photography. However, other prints take on a more abstract and geometric approach with the core idea of paying homage to the memories my grandmother has shared with me. I have also taken inspiration from spaces such as McCarthy Stone care homes and Maggie Centers, which are examples of spaces that have adopted a more modern approach.

“Apple picking” print

This print is a 6-layer hand-printed screen print. I was inspired by days spent apple picking in my grandma’s garden; we would pull massive bed sheets around the trees using the homemade apple picker and trying to catch them all.

“Joan and the Giant peach” print

This piece is inspired by my grandma Joan’s record of harvests on her peach tree of 110 peaches. This piece is a six-layered, fully registered hand-printed screen print. to become a curtain to bring life and joy into social areas.

Part of the collection

Here is part of my collection shot in my grandma’s garden, which inspired me for this project. Again, I was looking at various imagery, colour and scale. I reclaimed the Ercol chair in the middle with hand-made fitted cushions from a Jacquard weave design woven in merino wool.

Journey to the Show

This piece is inspired by the coordinates of places in which my grandma has grown up in. The numbers and letter have been completely abstracted in to make it a contemporary piece. The chair has hand made cushion covers, matching foot-stall and pillow.

As this collection is based around sustainable practice, I had 40 cm of the peach print left over after hemming so decided to turn them into extra cushions – with hand made piping to finish around the side.

This is a wearable more life style piece. Inspired by shapes found within my grandmas garden and abstracted through collage. This piece is my take on a welsh blanket woven in 100% welsh wool and then boiled to felt it.

This is a abstract landscape print design. The imagery is taken from family photos broken down into key shapes and collaged back together to create this tonal curtain. this piece was produced by a 4 layer screen print repeat in registration.

Statement wall hanging print inspired by the flower beds within the garden—a very abstract piece.

expanding on the apple print this enhances the story and shows the bloom before the apples. 2 colour weave, woven out of cotton and wool mix to create a denser weave.


  • Stash and enterprise representative 2022
  • Finalist for Miliken carpet competition 2022
  • Gold D of E

Work Experience

I completed a placement with John England Irish linen. I learnt all about weaving during this placement, from hand looms to Jacquard. I went through all stages from setting up the warp, to design to yarn selection to process on the Jacquards.

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