Final Major Project

‘Boa Vista’

My project
aims to encapsulate
the nature, culture and
history of the Cape
Verde islands off the
West Coast of Africa.

With a strong focus
towards traditional
methods of artisans
and their craft, I have
investigated the ancient
meanings and stories
behind certain symbols
on cloth. This has
inspired my practice in
telling my own stories
in painting, drawing
and screen-printing
designs, mainly of the
island’s wildlife and it’s conservation.

Many residents now
rely on tourism as
their main form of income.
For this reason, I wanted
to create prints for a
tourist’s beach villa,
envisioning a business
that would re-invest
it’s profits back into
maintaining the beauty
of the archipelago and
support its people.

Four layer print based off the Caesalpinia pulcherrima flower that was introduced to Cape Verde.

One layer 2 metre repeated length based off shrub plants Cistanche phelypaea and Calotropis procera found on the island of Boa Vista.

Journey to the Show

My studio space showing my material, inspiration and colour moodboards as well as the development of my ideas through drawing, painting and linocuts.

I used Adobe Photoshop to translate my development work into repeat designs for screen-printing. This two layer print used Procion and VAT paste onto a Cotton/Linen.

This is a section of my woven Jacquard design taken from my painting of Canna Lilies.

One layer VAT print of Humpback Whales and Turtles.

Considering sustainability, only second hand furniture and fabric donations were used throughout my project.

Past Projects

‘Ethereal Extravaganza’

An Autumn/Winter couture womenswear collection inspired by Surrealism.

‘Mediterranean Medicine’

A Spring/Summer womenswear collection inspired by the healing qualities of the Dodecanese Islands of Greece.

‘M2 Architects’

An interiors project designing a biophilic office space and three carpet tiles for a hypothetical Architect company as part of a live project with Milliken Europe. Inspired by the landscape of Lochinver in Scotland.

Work Experience

  • Print Design Intern at Fairbairn & Wolf Studio
  • Screen-Printing Intern at Again & Again
  • Hand Painting and Embroidery Intern at Hermione De Paula

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