Final Project

Verso : Elevating the ease of bouldering, through modular bouldering pads

Bouldering pads limited adaptability led to the creation of Verso, a modular system offering climbers unmatched versatility and adaptability for different terrains and situations.

How it works

When stacked, Verso’s unique bouldering pad modules perform like a standard product. They can be split into separate components, offering versatility to better adapt to the environment, and individual user needs.

The concept features a well designed network of buckles and Velcro, enabling reorganisation of components to match the environment and how many modules the user owns. Removable handles, strap systems, and customisable aesthetics form the backbone of Verso’s design.

How it’s made

Verso is constructed with a ballistic nylon exterior, reversible YKK zippers, aluminium buckles, nylon fabric loops, and a strap system with synthetic leather-topped handles – containing a PU foam structure, with Velcro strips for easy internal access for repairs.

What’s inside?

The design features a 15mm layer of open cell PU foam and a 10mm layer of closed cell PU foam. This ratio effectively absorbs impact when stacked, and allows for folding into thinner formations for longer, lower climbs or areas of the climb lower to the ground.

Key features

What you need, when you need it

Buy what you need, when you need it. Expand or join modules as desired, accommodating your space, preferences, budget and needs.

Modular, everywhere

Not only are the bouldering pads themselves modular, but the handles as well. Designed for easy ergonomic and functional repositioning and adaptability.

Customisable by design

Inspired by the vibrant skateboarding industry, Verso products are designed to be custom – with patterns, colours, and personalised graphics or photos.

The process

User-centric and research driven

With focus placed on user needs, existing product analysis, and the integration of relevant technologies to ensure the development of a comprehensive and user-focused design solution.

Design process

In-depth designing, sketching, ideation and cad development formed the foundation of the projects development – and the creation of the vision that became Verso.

Prototyping and user testing

Focusing on understanding and developing key user interactions -involving product analysis, user journey mapping, and creating a final interaction prototype to refine the user experience.

Work Experience

Beastmaker ltd. – Industrial design Intern 2021-22

A key collaborator, actively involved in the development of new products, from initial design ideation through to DFM.

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