Final Project

Dysphoria (Video Game)

Creation of a video game revolving around gender dysphoria utilising gameplay to act as a sort of experiential design that engages the player to understand gender dysphoria through controlling a “body” that they completely disassociate with.

The Soul

First environment of the game where the player get to experience playing without being constrained to a body , it’s open and empowers the player completely with a fun moveset as the soul character.

The Body

Player becomes constrained to the sluggish body which contrasts greatly to the previous character, the environment acts to exaggerate this feeling of being trapped due to it’s claustrophobic nature.

The Problem

The soul must merge with the body to control it and the player is forced to transport the body to the end of each section despite having a better alternative to movement. It forces the player to merge with the body they disassociate with.

The Full Demo

Watch the gameplay Demo here, which is a short playthrough of the entire demo.

Other Works

Interactive Youtube Video

Choose your own adventure styled YouTube experience targeted towards year 8 students. The aim for this project was to enable students to have more confidence in their own GCSE choices by having a character in the experience distract them from “the right” choices, forcing them to value their own decisions more highly.

App Creation

Created an AR app to aid London’s Cartoon Museum’s experience which engaged the user with comical pre-drawn out guides with their own unique personalities and opinions about different works around the museum.

Toy Brand

Brand creation of a sustainable wooden block set for kids using scrap wood from furniture manufacturing companies and refining the materials to make them safe.

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