Final Project

Nature’s Remedy

This wellness interiors project looks at nature and the calming effect plants can have on a human. Surroundings can affect one’s mood and mindset, as plants release a micro-substance called Phytoncides. Scientifically proven, when humans spend time immersed in nature, our bodies absorb these micro-substances which reacts with our hormones and reduces the concentration of the stress hormone, Cortisol. I have explored why the surroundings of greenery, plants and natural landscapes can have a harmonious effect.

‘Orzya Satavia’

Four-layer repeated screen print. This repeat print is 140 x 300 cm. Printed with pigment. Inspiration is taken from Oxford Botanical Gardens, The Waterlily House, where I was able to explore a range of different tropical plants.

‘Vriesea Splendens’ 

Three-layer screen print on donated heavy cotton. The print ‘Vriesea plendens’ has been inspired by the tropical plant. Imagery was hand painted and translated on to screen for printing.

Three-Layer VAT Screen Print

Colour Exploration

Creating the correct colours was essential for my project. I spent a long time exploring and testing my colours in the print studio.

I tested my colour palette on many different fabrics, in Pigment and VAT pastes.

Two-Layer Pigment Screen Print

Original First Hand Photography

Five-Layer Pigment Screen Print


  • Diploma in Professional Studies (2023)
  • Diploma in Foundation Art and Design (2019)

Work Experience

Asnew Upholstery Ltd | 2021 – 2022

I completed a year long internship with Asnew Upholstery Ltd, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. Here I was able to develop my professional communication skills, working along side fabric suppliers to see tight deadlines. During my placement I had several opportunities to explore current trends by creating different mood boards, for specific clientele.

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