Charlotte Marler

I create sculptures and paintings that explore the subject of childhood trauma. Using a cathartic method to work through my own experiences, I explore the interplay between contrasting themes of playful and colorful elements, alongside darker, more serious themes.

Final Project


I explore various sub-personalities that are repeatedly identifiable as distinct characters. My paintings serve as a language for documenting and journaling my daily experiences and thoughts, utilizing a wide range of materials in an expressive manner to incorporate dark humour and disturbing elements. I use aggressive language and messy, unreadable text against vibrant colours that melt into muddy tones.


My dens are a way of showing the hidden emotions and thoughts that we, as adults, often hide away. They are a reminder that we were once children who eventually started locking away events of our lives that were uncomfortable or painful. Through the production of grotesque self-portraits that take the form of childhood dens and hiding places, I invite an audience to see the inner workings of my psyche – something that is both beautiful and ugly, yet honest and ironic. The objective is to recreate the sense of security that children commonly seek, while also providing adults with an opportunity to revisit this experience.


I expand my paintings by creating sculptures and environments through child-like mannerisms and techniques, incorporating playful items such as teddies, found objects and illustrations. Since these items are typically associated with feelings of comfort and security, I reconstruct some to provoke discomfort. I’m exploring the idea of innocence lost and the dark twist of childhood. Rather than being confined to their traditional role as playthings for children, I’m giving these items a new purpose for adults to appreciate.

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