Final Project

The Disguise Diaries – Daring Women Who Dressed Up as Men

‘The Disguise Diaries’ is an illustrated book for 7-8 year-olds that tells the tales of women who dressed up as men to acquire their desired jobs. The aim of the book is to show young people that women are capable of completing stereotypically ‘male’ jobs, as well as that people should defy unjust social systems.

Diary Concept

Each historical woman’s story is told in the form of diary entries – this allows the readers to emotionally connect with the women and contributes to the exciting secrecy surrounding their male disguises and stories.

Hatshepsut Intro Page

The Hive – a Local Abortion Awareness Campaign

Northern Quarter mural on facade of abortion clinic opening in summer

Work Experience

I completed a six-week internship at a communication agency in Manchester last summer. Working as a design intern, I learnt how to effectively work with various internal departments, as well as developed my technical design skills under the supervision of the existing designers.

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