Charlotte Whiting

I am a illustrator, 3D modeller and storyteller with a passion for game design and animation. I love creating story-driven projects with a high emphasis on being colourful, whimsical and fun.

Final Projects


This a group project created by me, Tara Brown and India Wadsworth. The brief is to encourage discussion and action on the climate crisis via a video game; exploring both the idea that the player as an individual needs to play their part in the positive change while still acknowledging it is bigger organizations that are causing many of the issues, but that does not mean what we do as an individual or community level is meaningless. Aiming to make a distressing topic digestible for the masses, in a way that does not overwhelm but encourages change; demonstrating different effects of humanity’s actions due to greed and overconsumption, with ways to combat these issues while also having a compelling narrative and interesting world.

The aim is to create a story and general idea of playability for a video game, which is then advertised by an animated trailer 

Here are examples of some of my character designs.


A big role for me in the group project was creating the storyboards for the trailer and for the overall story behind the game’s plot. Here is the beginning of the storyboard I designed that was used for the animated trailer.


Here is the final outcome for our project; the trailer. Animated by Tara Brown, she used assets the whole group created together and followed the storyboard I created as a guide. Here is the final result.

The best time of your life

This is a storytelling project aimed with portraying the negative side to being at university. A lot of students have a less than pleasant time at university, which doesn’t live up to the hyper positive portrayal of ‘The best time of your life’ as media portrays it as.

This animatic aims to offer up an alternative and more realistic view to what a university experience could look like.

Art style

The most important design and storytelling element in the animatic is the constant evolving art style. We start the story with a friendly, sketchy, hand-drawn style; one that reflects the personality of the character.

This style slowly develops, changing slightly as the character attempts to mould herself into what her tutors want her to be; becoming more streamlined and simplistic. This then goes downhill as she loses her creative passion and falls apart. The line art is messy and all that is left is one dull blue colour.

At the climax of the story, we break the fourth wall. The creative passion has died at the hands of the character and we see that even the creator of the animatic was unable to continue. When the character leaves the university environment we see repair and a return to her true self.

Final animatic

Journey to the Show

Below are one-off illustrations.

‘Adventure Time’ fan illustration

‘Gravity Falls’ fan illustration

Illustration of my own design

Below are screen grabs from a project from semester one this year at university. I wrote and illustrated a children’s book with the aim of dismantling gender stereotypes of what are deemed as ‘for boys’ or ‘for girls’. The book was called ‘Tag’, named after the design element of clothes tags with the word ‘boy’ written on them appearing on the child’s body every time gender norms were pushed onto him.

Here the child is being told off for wearing a pink shirt.

Here the child’s imagination is running wild when he spots a hair pin he really likes.

Here is the climax of the story; where the tags consume the child’s body; becoming unbearable.

Work Experience

  • Level and character designer (3D and 2D)
    • Alternative Software
    • 2018
  • Usability tester
    • Team 17
    • 2020

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