Madeleine Lumley

With a passion for people and sustainability, My flair is all in the creativity, team work and my endless amount of tenacity to solve a problem.

The Problem

Artists who are wanting to create their own oil paints from scratch are faced with outdated methods of work. With continuous exposure to highly toxic fumes from the pigments and cleaning equipment like turpentine, artists can develop life-long respiratory health issues due to this prolonged exposure. With little education and awareness in this field, can a product enable artists to modernise the principles of making oil paints from scratch whilst also keeping them safe in the process?

Final Project

Motra Tools – A Modern Approach For Creating Sustainable Oil Paints From Scratch

Motra Tools empower artists to effortlessly create their own oil paints from scratch, through the use of linseed oil and natural pigments. This modern tool breathes new life into a centuries-old technique, utilizing a muller and grinding slab to achieve exceptional paint quality. With Motra Tools, artists can confidently embark on their artistic journey, producing high-quality paints that capture their creative vision.

Motra Tools - A mixing paint machine is shown with a plain background.

Ideation and Sketch Development

Looking at mixers, coffee machines and even workshop tools, ideas came to life that would help artists mix ingredients together. Kitchenaids were the initial source of inspiration, however workshop tools and especially vintage CNC machines became a key influencer as the product developed.

Moodboard and Design Influences

With the use of imagery and everyday products, moodboards are the ideal place to start when it comes to design ideas, colour, material and finish for products as well key features that may spark innovation…

Prototyping and Testing

Through the development of cardboard models and user testing, it enabled the natural progression and development of the paint mixer. Using existing products also proved useful to understand what worked and key insights that could be implemented into the design.

The Solution

A paint mixer with modern tools and resources to enable artists to work safely in their workshops whilst creating oil paints from scratch in a quick and easy to follow method. Some of the key features are listed below:

Touchscreen Control Panel For Step-by-Step Instructions

The control panel enables artists to follow a step-by-step process of creating oil paints from scratch through a personalised notebook system. By accurately calculating the precise amount of pigment added to the palette, the mixer then provides suggestions on the appropriate quantity of linseed oil required. This feature empowers artists to replicate previous paint batches or venture into innovative experiments with pigments and oil ratios, all of which can be conveniently referenced in the future.

Air Purifier and Key Features

The addition of the air purifier aims to provide artists with a safe working environment when dealing with various pigments and emulsions, shielding them from potential harm caused by toxic fumes. This ensures that regardless of the studio space, artists can confidently work with the available ingredients, knowing that their well-being is protected.

Placement Video

Work Experience

During her placement, Madeleine worked as a marketing and design intern, showcasing her exceptional design skills and keen understanding of people’s needs. Her outstanding performance extended to working with diverse clients, making her an invaluable asset to the friendly and creative agency, Rusty Monkey (Nottingham).

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