Gloria Ocran

I am a motivated designer who enjoys problem solving and creating compelling user experiences, focusing mainly on the users interaction with the product.

Final Project

Oui, an on-body injector to improve the IVF self-injecting process

The IVF treatment involves a significant number of injections, with patients potentially needing up to 90 injections per cycle. Self-administering these injections during the egg stimulation stage can be an overwhelming and challenging task, impacting patients both physically and mentally. To address this issue, Oui, a semi-reusable on-body injector, offers a user-friendly self-injection experience, simplifying the process for IVF patients.

Reduced Preparation Time

With Oui, the preparation time for IVF injections is significantly reduced. Users are relieved from the task of handling needles or preparing medication, thanks to the use of pre-filled cartridges. The process is made effortless: the cartridge is simply placed into the disposable module, closed, and inserted into the belt dock. Through the accompanying app, users are seamlessly guided through each step of the injection process.

Minimising Discomfort

Oui’s innovative dock can smoothly glide along the belt, allowing for precise spacing of injections. Each injection is carefully positioned, with a spacing of 1 to 1.5 inches from the previous injection site, effectively minimising discomfort and the risk of bruising on the abdomen.

Nerve Distraction

Vibrations gently stimulate the user’s nerves, effectively alleviating pain both during and after the injection. Additionally, these vibrations serve as a valuable distraction, diverting attention away from the injection process and creating a more comfortable experience for the user.

Storage and Packaging

Oui includes a convenient 2-in-1 wireless charger and sterilisation container. This feature ensures that the reusable module remains clean and ready for its next use, providing peace of mind to users.

The disposable module is packaged in a recyclable container. Once the module has been used, users are encouraged to responsibly dispose of it by placing it in a dedicated sharps bin, ensuring proper handling and minimising any potential risks.


  • Starpack Student Gold Sponsor Award 2020
  • Starpack Student Highly Commended 2022
  • Shortlisted for RSA Student Design Awards 2023

Work Experience

Diploma in International Study – During my placement year I spent 6 months at Delft University of Technology, Netherlands doing a minor in Interactive Environments. The experience pushed me as a designer as I had the opportunity to work on a larger scale to create an immersive, interactive experience.

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