Final Project


Glozio is a 3 in 1 selfceare hair device that uses steam, low red light therapy and vibration to enhance, maintain or achieve healthier thicker hair. It targets women ages 20-50 that are into selfcare and want to achieve that glossy and luxury hair.

3 in 1 Features

The Vibrations feature massages oil into the users scalp to enhance blood flow to the scalp. The steam feature helps open the users scalp pores for the oil to be absorbed better. The low red light therapy helps to shift hair follicles into the growth stage in multiple ways.

Glozio Brand

“Glozio.” This name is a made-up word that combines “glossy” and “luxury,” which is what every women wants to acheive with her hair. Glozio is dedicated to empowering women and transforming their haircare routines through our product. Our mission is to provide women with the tools they need to nurture, maintain, and promote the growth of their hair.

Work Experience

Industrial Design intern  

Twelve Degrees  |Amman, Jordan

Production Room & Back Of House Production Manager 

Loulou K.  |Amman, Jordan

Manufacturing Engineer intern  

Hala Chips Petra Food Industries and co.  |Amman, Jordan

Interior Design intern 

Sufian Swalha Design Firm  |Amman, Jordan

Energy intern  

Central Electricity Generating Co CEGCO  |Amman, Jordan

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