Georgia Taylor

I'm Georgia, a passionate creative specialising in animation and illustration. I love bringing characters and stories to life through digital motion and stop motion.

Final Project

Beeline to B Corp

Collaborating with Yasmin Gratton, we embarked on a journey to illustrate and animate the transformative story of giffgaff becoming a B Corp.

Using bees as a visual metaphor, symbolizing the environment, workers, and community, we created a series of captivating Instagram stories. These animated stories explain the significance of B Corps, why they represent the future, and highlight giffgaff’s dedicated efforts in their pursuit of B Corp certification.

Out of home activation

We envisioned vibrant giffgaff bee gardens nestled in local parks and green areas, designed to support bees and wildlife conservation. These gardens serve a dual purpose as interactive hubs, featuring QR codes and giffgaff promotions.

By scanning the codes, visitors can immerse themselves in the story of giffgaff’s transformation into a B Corp, showcasing their commitment to sustainability and community.

Our animated Instagram stories.

Second Final Project: The Story of Brucciani’s

I wanted to tell the story of Brucciani’s, a family ran cafe business in Leicester that sadly closed down. The cafe holds a lot of history for Leicester, and is loved by everyone.

Using frame by frame animation, I explored the story of Luigi Brucciani’s journey to the UK, how Brucciani’s started in Leicester, and the memory that lives on today.

Brucciani’s were famous for their coffees, ice creams and how it brought people together. I used visuals to not only celebrate Brucciani’s and keep the memory alive, but also to highlight how important it is to connect with people.

Work Experience

Graphic Design Intern in the Creative Team at Hays Enterprise Solutions, July 2021- July 2022

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