Final Project


A service design project aiming to tackle problems within the foster care system. OurHive has the aim to improve the lives of children who have displaced upbringings.

The Problem

Children in foster care move between multiple homes throughout their life, therefore it is difficult to keep track of their memorabilia due to damage, loss or lack of storage. These children have a displaced upbringing and may not remember due to being placed in care from a young age.

The Solution

OurHive is a digital service for foster parents to create an archive of memories for a child in their care, as they grow up within the care system. This is personal to each child and moves with them from home to home. Their carer will upload weekly highlights through a digital template involving photos, voice notes and other memorabilia.

The Execution

OurHive can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, on any device. The design and UI choices represent the idea of combining a displaced childhood, making the hive feel like a steady and ever-growing home for a foster child.

Journey to the Show

The aim of this project was to reduce the amount of women falling through the gap in the creative arts industry.

Creative Block is a small, compact book with a bold and expressive visual identity.

It includes useful information and tips to visually appeal to young women, inspiring them to keep going into this industry.

For many families, physical distance and a busy schedule can cause a strain on feeling and staying connected.

Spotify FamJam is an app-like service with the aim of persuading more families to use music as a point of connection.

The service allows family members to listen to music in sync, show which songs they like, and have a shared playlist.

Work Experience

I completed a nine month placement working as an assistant animator for Harry Partridge Animation as part of my degree. I worked within a team to complete original animated short films released for YouTube.

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