Final Project

Re-designing Existing Appliances for Better Repair and Maintenance

The aim of this project was to take an existing product and re-design it to make the repair process more consumer-friendly. A modular approach was taken in order to achieve the ease of repair and maintenance, so that consumers can keep their products for longer.

Disassembled Blender

The blender can be disassembled into 5 main modules. 3 of the 5 modules can be slotted and secured into the chamber through the twist and lock mechanism. The modularity allows consumers to replace only the faulty module as opposed to disposing of the entire appliance.

Functional Prototype

The functional model showcases the electronics housed within each module. The separate modules are connected via spring contact pogo pins through a twist and lock mechanism to align the pins. The functional prototype is simply an input from the dial and the motor output, which includes two speed settings.

Aesthetic Prototype

The aesthetic prototype produced is the design proposal to scale. It also includes the mechanical features of the product, i.e. the twist and lock mechanism for the modules. The modules are also colour coded to avoid incorrect re-assembly.

Journey to the Show

AeroPress Coffee Machine Project

A group project to design an automated AeroPress coffee machine whereby the unique selling point for our group was the use of an RFID tag.

Squash ball Launcher Project

A group project to design a squash ball launcher to aim to reach a distance of 30m. The prototype model could note exceed more than 500 x 500 x 500mm.

Kenwood Live Project

The brief was to choose one of the Kenwood kitchen appliances and evolve it into a product suitable for the broader home environment.

Work Experience

Sept 2021 – Jul 2022 Allen Sailing

Completed a 1 year work placement at Allen Sailing, working as a CAD Technician.

Diploma of Professional Studies

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