Final Project

Memento Mori

A high-end interior project designed for a living space, combining furnishings and art to create a collection of curiosities. The motifs are representative of my own collection of objects that I have gathered throughout my life which are symbolic of the passing of time. The pieces aim to remind viewers of the transience of life and their inevitable mortality.

Lino block printed upholstery velvet.


This digitally printed velvet cushion features paintings of motifs inspired by the art genre ‘Vanitas’ which often combines beautiful imagery of objects such as shells and flowers with memento mori symbols such as bubbles, candles and bones to portray the fleetingness of earthly pleasures and the fragility of life.


A handmade lampshade with hand painted butterfly motif and sculpted sharks teeth embellishments.

Sleeping Songbird

Hand painted upcycled tray

This design was inspired by antique trays, as well as Dutch still-lifes of floral wreaths. Featuring a dead blue tit, that I found when I was a child which I managed to preserve in a jar, it is a morbid take on the pietra dura table tops that feature alive songbirds.


Digitally printed satin featuring a painted motif of a fox skull, poppies and gypsophila. Inspired by the cyclical nature of life and death.


Gouache paintings of butterflies, moths and fossils with poppies and gypsophila. Digitally collaged.

Previous Work

Sun embroidery with gold thread and beading.

Upcycled leather glove with heart and eye embroidery, and freshwater pearls.

Beaded neckpiece with reclaimed beads and freshwater pearls.


  • Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies

Work Experience

[2022] Margate Art Printing Service-Studio assistant: artwork reproduction, photoshop, colour correcting and working with clients.

[2021-ongoing] My own small business-Iris Gems: Handmade jewellery incorporating reclaimed beads and pendants from broken and old jewellery. Using Instagram to advertise my products has taught me alot about improving social-media engagement as well as photography and photo-editing skills.

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