Final Project

जंगली – JUNGALI

Through my work I hope to bring the essence of Indian wildlife into a luxury hotel in order to remind people of the enchanting beauty that comes from nature, as well as the importance of conserving it. 

My statement piece तिरंगा (TIRANGA) is based on the national bird of India, the peacock, which is famously used in folk art to portray wealth and luxury, as well as being a religious symbol of immortality. 

I want to keep people connected to the outdoors, while surrounding them with comfort. 

बापू , केतन, बंदर

‘Bapu, Ketan, Bandar’ is a digitally printed lampshade made from light recycled polyester canvas. This print is developed from my acrylic, watercolour and charcoal paintings, inspired by the significance of monkeys in Indian culture due to their association with Hindu mythology and religious beliefs. Monkeys are seen as symbols of agility, mischief, and intelligence. They are also found in several Indian folk tales and are believed to be sacred animals in some regions. 


A digitally printed footstool on recycled polyester canvas embellished with rhinestones. The print developed from my acrylic and watercolour paintings. Elephants are a cultural symbol of India, inspired by the beloved elephant-headed deity Ganesh who represents strength and good fortune. 


My prints are inspired by different elements of wildlife, all of which developed from my initial photos and drawings I did while at the Jim Corbett National Park, a forested wildlife conservation park in Northern India. 


Pigment paste screen print on cotton denim – inspired by Indian monuments 

Final collection visualisations – winter streetwear 

Digitally printed knitwear showing effects of air pollution on historical buildings 

Final collection samples

Watercolour paintings digitally collaged 

Screen printed pigment paste on cotton canvas, developed by collaging drawings and newspaper headlines 


  • Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies

Work Experience

Bakson Ind (June 2022) – Design assistant: I helped research for mood boards, did photography and photo-editing as well as sourced fabrics and other embellishments like tassels. 

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