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I enjoy the hands-on aspects of the design process, transforming ideas into tangible products. I'm particularly passionate about experimenting with playful design.

Final Project


As the rate of skin cancer is increasing, protection against UV exposure is more important than ever.

Introducing Sunny, an intuitive sun cream applicator. Specifically designed to be child-friendly to ensure hassle free application. Sunny empowers children with a sense of responsibility and ownership in protecting their skin, therefore reducing the potential risks of future skin cancer development.

How it Works

The applicator utilises an airless pump to dispense a 2.5ml measured amount of sun cream per pump, ensuring optimal coverage. The sun cream is released through the centre of the bristles and then applied to the body using the integrated brush, resulting in a mess free seamless application.

The dock has an integrated UV camera, screen and automatic pump. The screen displays a live feed from the UV camera, a clear black and white image to review the application of sun cream, with darker areas indicating better coverage. When a full application is achieved the user is transformed into an astronaut ready for adventure. The automatic pump enables easy and independent refilling for children.

Application of Electronics and Mechanics

Bean There, drunk That

Bean there, drunk that is a fully functional electro-mechanical coffee machine that successfully integrates an Aeropress to create a cup of coffee. This was a group project where we defined the functions, manufactured the physical machine, wired electronics, and wrote the necessary code. My primary focus was on the electronics aspects, where I applied my knowledge of C programming to code all the machine’s components. Troubleshooting and problem-solving were essential in overcoming challenges. The final product was a success, producing cup of milky coffee.

UX App Design


Ceco is an energy saving app designed to allow for transparent and understandable energy usage, on a personal and community level. By leveraging smart meter data, it compares real-life energy consumption with company claims to help users in the purchase and energy management of appliances. The smart filtering system suggests suitable appliances, while the community section enables users to share experiences and tips for reducing energy usage.

Work Experience

The Walt Disney Company

I completed a years placement working as a Product Development Intern at Disney. I worked on the toys team, designing various products and expanding my Adobe Creative Suite skills. Managing my own set of licensees improved my professional skills and time management abilities. Overall, this experience greatly enhanced my design skills and prepared me for future challenges in the industry.

Diploma of Professional Studies.

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