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A guide for recently diagnosed coeliacs.

An Introduction to Coeliac Disease

This book is an introduction into Coeliac disease and making the right dietary changes. This book is aimed towards both newly diagnosed individuals and those close to them, and is a helpful guide in navigating people with Coeliac. The guide has been designed with age inclusivity in mind, and so includes both visuals and written information.


Maharaja Duleep Singh

Uncensored, an organisation aimed to educate the masses through the use of historical artefacts, illustrations, videos and documentaries. This exhibition, aimed towards young adults, looks into the realities of the biggest forced mass migration in the history of humanity.

This exhibition looks at Panjab under a microscope from the 1800’s through to it’s annexation and becoming part of British India, and finally to its partition in 1947 where it was divided into two, West forming present day Pakistan.

The Partition of Panjab – 1947

Part one looks at the sovereign country, Panjab, its ruling class, its agricultural and Political landscape as well as its rich heritage.

Part two of the exhibition focuses on the politics behind the Radcliffe line, and those that influenced it.

Exhibition Guide – Front Cover

Exhibition Map


Bella ‘My First Period Guide’

Bella, a kit marketed towards single-parent fathers for their daughter. The kit includes a booklet, specifically aimed towards young females between 6-12 years of age awaiting their first period.

Chapter 1: ‘Introduction to Periods’

Chapter 3: ‘Getting Through Your First Period’

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