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Hi, I'm Ellie - I strive to design products and applications that excite users by appealing to user needs that are driven by visual desires and user behaviour

Final Year Project

ada. – An At-Home Testing Device

Ada is an at-home hormone testing device that monitors contraceptive user’s hormones at home for women who wish to monitor their hormones throughout their fertile life, using lab-grade technology. Ada strives to aid women with all of their hormonal health concerns, allowing users to gain more knowledge on their hormonal health, giving them comfort, piece of mind and access to potential medical insights and forecasting.

How Does ada. Work?

Ada uses lateral flow assays with florescent labelling to quantify the concentration of Progesterone, Estrogen and LH hormones in a saliva sample. Ada allows multiple hormones to be tested on the same lateral flow strip due to the use of filters that carefully adjust to the specific wavelength of each fluorescent tag. Using carefully considered internal components, Ada can accurately and quickly provide women with results they can rely on.

The Process

The user will use the testing strips to collect a saliva sample by spitting in the saliva dish and folding the strip onto the absorption pad. The user will then place the testing strip into the draw and the test will begin.

ada. – App

The reader uses bluetooth and WIFI to transfer the data collected to an AI infused app where the user can view the concentration of their hormones and access relevant and helpful information at home.

The app includes many features that help aid the user build a routine. The app is personalised for each user based on the purpose of use and a profile is then calibrated to suit their needs. Daily reminders to take contraceptive pills and testing window availability are notified to the user, allowing them to also track their cycles and any possible health concerns they think could be related to a hormone imbalance. A resources page has been designed to encourage a community for women to share their experiences and knowledge, contributing to a positive platform around hormonal health.

Prototype Development

Work Experience

Design intern, Brand Agency London – 1 Year (2021/22)

A one year placement with Brand Agency London, achieving a Diploma in professional studies in partnership with Loughborough University. Working alongside the inhouse design team across 3 beauty brands, Ciate, Lottie London and Skin Proud.  My role entailed assisting the graphics team on labels and leaflets across packaging and printed materials, working with a campaign aesthetic to translate those assets across ads and extra social materials, updating web assets; homepage assets, general product imagery resizing, customer emails, site banners, social media graphics etc and creating ad hoc leaflets, stickers and comms cards for the marketing department.


  • Diploma of Professional Studies

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