Ella Binstead

Throughout my Fine Art degree I have always been interested in artworks with a strong sensory reception and their effect on our bodies and emotional state.

Final Project

Mellow Morphic

My practice encourages a focus on embodiment and a notion of how it feels to sensory receive an artwork/space. The pieces together explore escapism by immersing the viewer into a vivid , sensory , stimulating setting. I aim to create an ASMR themed space that is visually satisfying and joyful in vibrancy and form.

Two-Dimensional Work

My paintings feature curvaceous shapes and figures referencing a fusion of naturalistic forms and the unworldly. Abstract ambiguity is used to trigger imagination, whilst aura colour gradients are used to create dimension and an inviting quality to the pieces.

Sculptural Work

My sculptural work portrays an in-betweenness of state that suggests a materiality frozen in gesture aimed to anthropomorphize and intensify the anticipation of touch and exploration.

Visual Tactility

Seductive visual tactility is used throughout my work to encourage the eye to act as an organ of touch, in attempt to heighten intimacy through tactile means.

Journey to the Show

Work Experience

Art Teaching Assistant in SEND setting

Supporting a small art team working closely with students with challenging behaviors and social, emotional and mental health issues.

Visionary Thinkers

Visionary Creators

Visionary Makers