Eleanor Jacques

Hi I am a Mixed Media Textiles student, I love creating large scale pieces that question issues within our society.

Final Project

The Golden Mole

The Golden mole, an elusive creature hard to track and observe in its natural habitat. Society functions in a starkly different manner, with surveillance systems rife within our everyday; tracking, watching, controlling us. What threat does surveillance pose to our creativity and individuality? Would we benefit from a more elusive lifestyle like the Golden Mole? 

This anti-surveillant installation escapes the perpetual gaze of society in a playful and garish way, allowing individuals to feel the blissful freedom of The Golden Mole. We need to wake up and take control of our own thoughts, we need to be truly ourselves and be immune to manipulation.

This project takes up space. Each piece provides a safe escape from surveillance and the ever-constant gaze of society in their own way and allowing individuals to be comforted and free from technological influence and observation. I want people to regain their freedom and creativity.

Journey to the Show

I Love Food

My semester one project looks at the environmental implications of our grub, exploring how our eating habits can change to benefit our future. Instead of munching our way through Earth’s vital resources and creating mountains of waste in the process I want to question our thoughts and actions and create a statement that confronts our conditioned thoughts on food.

Half the population are oversized, half the population are starving and half of food produced is never consumed. How on God’ s green earth have we got here? In every step of the food production chain there is mass waste, serious ethical issues and a complete disconnection to the Earth. We have no value for our food.

This is my colourful non-verbal way of shouting wake the F**k up. My collection takes up vast amounts of space imitating the scale of destruction and need for discussion, attempting to create a better future by questioning our desperate societal views on consumption. Or maybe it is just a glimpse of hope for some kind of change.

Work Experience

Flora Miranda, Studio Assistant: September 2021 – December 2021

FEBEN, Studio Assistant : January 2022 – April 2022

Redcatch Community Garden, Art Therapist Assistant: April 2022 – July 2022

Royal West of England Academy, Gallery Steward: April 2022 – July 2022

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