Dulcie Lanaghan

I enjoy using my illustrations to intrigue the viewer and to design new worlds. I work mainly with a combination of water colour, ink, pens and digital painting.

The Night Circus

I brought the novel ‘The Night Circus’ by Erin Morgenstern to life through a series of 3D animated illustrations, which the viewer can explore and interact with.

A Different Kind of Spy

I redesigned the visual language of spy films, prompted by the lack of female protagonists in this genre. I used the ‘Ruby Redfort’ novels by Lauren Child and designed the key props within this story.

Work Experience

I have done work experience with two film and television production art departments. I worked both production and post-production, creating graphic props, doing 3D modelling of buildings, and assisting the rest of the department.

Previously, I worked for two years at an independent art gallery, selling pieces by local South West artists.

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