Modular pressure washer

Car enthusiasts find it hard to clean their vehicles’ exteriors weekly due to the time-consuming and exhausting detailing process. Stac eliminates the need for a power or water source, making the detailing process effortless and less stressful, thus improving the user experience.      

The problems…


A physically demanding and exhaustive process that requires significant attention to detail and specialised equipment and products. The combination of physical effort and attention to detail makes it challenging.

Time consuming

Car detailing is a time-consuming process because it involves a thorough cleaning aspect of the vehicle, both inside and out. The attention to detail and specialised equipment and products required make it a process that needs a significant investment of time and effort.

Limited customisation

Pressure washer brands typically do not offer units that are specifically designed for detailing purposes. Instead, their products are built for general use, limiting users to only the accessories available from the same brand as the pressure washer.

… users desire a flexible unit that enables them to adapt it according to their specific detailing process.

Experience the ultimate efficiency in your detailing routine as we revolutionise the process by minimising setup and pack-away time.


To enhance the efficiency and enjoyment of the detailing process, detailers can eliminate the requirement for water and a power source. This allows them to concentrate all their energy and attention on the crucial aspects of the process.


The Stac system has been meticulously designed to enable users to customise their detailing unit according to their specific environment or task. By integrating Stac into their detailing process, users can enjoy a seamless and effortless experience, making detailing easier than ever before.


The unit is highly customisable, enabling users to tailor it to their unique process and skill level. As the user’s experience and interests expand, it can provide additional features to help them adapt to their environment. By utilising standard components, detailers can use any preferred attachments without being limited to just one brand.

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