Final Project

Our Hive

Collect. Connect. Cherish.

A digital service for foster parents to create an archive of memories for a child in their care, as they grow up within the care system. 


Children in foster care move between multiple homes throughout their upbringing, therefore, it’s difficult to keep track of their memorabilia due to damage, loss, or lack of storage. 

How It Works

Each foster child has a unique code that allows their hive to move with them between homes. Their carer will use this code to log into their hive and upload three images weekly, a compulsory activity to replace existing journalling exercises.


The use of the hexagonal UI was to create a personal tapestry for the child to view when they are older so all their memories are together despite having a displaced upbringing. There are other features that contribute to this such as, street view, voice notes and live photos.


Our Hive is a website as we understand carers and children will have access to different devices. We have designed the UI for mobile also to ensure it is accessible to everyone.

Journey to the Show

Semester 1 Project – Aisle help

A service for the local community to help the each other with their social and financial needs.

This was to aid with the cost of living crisis and encourage social interaction.

Semester 1 Project – Gradpal

An app to help graduates meet after university

Users can book onto events, message each other and meet with likeminded girls.

Work Experience

Alongside my studies I have been working at Hollogram, a digital marketing agency as a strategist and content creator. Also created graphics for the @lboroau instagram as part of my role the executive sub-committee.

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