Final Project


Menopause, the time of her. Every women goes through it, and no one seems to speak about it. I decided to design a jewellery brand that gives women a voice in menopause.

As well as being an indulgence, MÉNØ gives women a safe space to come together through social media and pop up events to share stories, connect with other women and know that they are not alone.

Telling the Stories of Real Women

To connect menopausal women, it is important to tell the stories of real women so that others can find comfort in relating to these anecdotes. I asked for some help from family and family friends to share their own menopause stories with me so that I could make this campaign as real as it could be. And to share these stories, MÉNØ would display them where women would see it day to day.

Giving Women a Voice

By sharing the quotes of real women, other women may relate and may even feel that they would want to share their own menopausal story. Having asked women their own stories, one specifically said that honesty is key and speaking up is so important in menopause.

Women Carry a Lot

“A woman can never have too many bags”. These bags play on the idea that women carry everything with them. But while considering the literal meaning, it also subtly refers to what women carry emotionally and physically.

Telling the Truth

Unlike other jewellery brands for women, I wanted to express how women really feel (in menopause specifically). And this means disrupting the typical tone of voice that targets women.

Connecting Women

This jewellery is not just to accessorise women. The brand gives women an indulgence, as they deserve it, especially during menopause. Personalised packaging, writing your own message to yourself to see every time you open your box. Also, printing real stories with the hope that women relate and visit the MÉNØ website to read more and even share their own stories and advice.

More of my work

As part of my final year, I entered the D&AD New Bloods awards in response to the Heineken brief. The brief wanted us to “spark change and connection among Millennials and Generation Z”. I responded to the problem of the younger generation moving abroad and away from loved ones, and the challenge of long distance communication that comes with this.

With busy schedules and time differences, a proper catch up can seem near impossible. This is the new way to catch up and have a drink with those you love. Enjoy a beer with your loved ones, no matter where you are and whenever you have the time. Together, but apart.

The main part, the personalised bottles with chosen images and with an optional message which would be seen when looking through the glass. Of course, all bottles are recyclable but some may wish to keep some that are significant.

The Heineken star is a symbol, known wherever you go. Seeing the same things no matter where we are, brings us comfort. Draw your own star on a wall near you and write the names of those you miss, where they are or just a note. After all, we all see the same stars.

re. [ray].

Skin cancer is often overlooked and the younger generation often don’t consider it to be such a risk when young, particularly young men. The challenge of this project was therefore to target young men, encouraging them to wear sun cream through stories, tone of voice and contextualisation.


Sun cream packaging all seems to take the same appearance. When creating a new brand targeting young men, [ray] needed to take on a different approach to stand out from the rest of the bottles on the shelf.

Problem and Solution

Men are most at risk of being diagnosed with skin cancer, yet they are less likely to consider wearing sun cream. [ray] wants to help men be aware of their skin, to keep them covered and give them the protection they need to beat the sun.

When and Where?

When considering where to approach men, I asked where they would most likely be when it’s sunny. The answer: The pub. I therefore created applicable assets that would make men notice and think.

Telling Their Stories

I also wanted somewhere that men may spend a bit of time, so they had longer to read stories of other men, who may have been affected by skin cancer. Bathroom stalls seemed to be the best place for this.


  • Diploma in Professional Studies
  • Diploma in Art and Design Foundation Studies

Work Experience

Creative Intern, Savanta – 2021/22

Throughout my time at Loughborough, I have done multiple internships as well as a Placement working at Savanta. My time as an in-house Creative helped me gain experience in working with well known brands. During the course of the year I created a variety of design work, from illustration and design to videos, for both Savanta and their clients.

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