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Lorelei is a range of drinks that tackle students’ needs: lack of energy, stress and sleep deprivation. The drink offers a natural remedy for these issues instead of becoming dependent on coffee and energy drinks. There is also a unique QR code on the back of the drinks that links users to a video to further aid their troubles, such as directing them to a breathing exercise on the calming drink.

Cyber Cupid

Cyber Cupid imagines a future where the rovers on Mars have developed human-like thoughts and feelings and connects them with humans virtually through a dating website. This project was based on the brief set by Pearlfisher where the aim was to create a service or product made possible by resources on Mars.

D&AD Penguin Brief

The Penguin Outdoor Reading collection is a set of merchandise that encourages readers to read outside more often for the benefit of their mental well-being. I used a calming illustrative style to add to the tranquillity of being outside.

Previous works…


Romi is a care package that gives cat owners the alternative option to walk their cats using a step-by-step leaflet and an online community to share their progress with other Romi users.


Jacqueline is a makeup brand that uses plantable seed packaging so the customer can plant flowers on their land. The aim is to make neighbourhoods more beautiful with the use of these flowers. These are two posters I produced for this project.

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