Alicia Andrusyk

My primary expertise lies within graphic design, but I'm also passionate about creative marketing, illustration, UX/UI, and motion graphics. My strong interest in these fields drives me to push boundaries of visual storytelling in innovative ways throughout my work.

Final Project

Muscle and Hustle: Level Up Your Life

My response for the 2023 D&AD Gymshark brief: “Unite young people to choose conditioning as their unconditional community” in Collaboration with Olivia Smith. The aim of this integrated campaign is to increase brand awareness and unite the new generation of 18-21 year olds through the common goal of being ‘your personal best’.

91% of students we asked said that they struggle to be productive in an unstructured day. We want to help young people extend that drive of progress outside of the gym and into their daily lifestyle.

The Campaign

Turn life into a game and increase productivity levels through 4 decks that focus on Fitness, Food, Focus and Feel-good.

93% of the people we asked stated that they were more motivated to complete something when it’s a challenge/game. Muscle and Hustle is a set of cards that help people to take bitesize steps to developing different areas of their life, in a way that is fun, shareable, and encourages a bit of healthy competition within the Muscle and Hustle community.

The Front of the Cards

The cards are split into four decks, each of a different category:

Fitness – Featuring workouts from the Gymshark app, providing a challenge to complete or simply workout inspiration.

Food – Meal inspiration via recipes from the Gymshark blog. The ultimate way to spice up meal plans!

Focus – The ultimate productivity challenge. Focus cards encourage users to be more productive in learning and work

Feel-good – Encourage users to complete small gestures of self-care to work on their overall wellbeing

The Back of the Cards

Gymshark is the community of becoming your personal best, no matter what that looks like! And so we have designed Muscle and Hustle to be a flexible game to adjust to anyones lifestyle– we all have different goals right? The user can of course decide the categories they wish to prioritise.

QR codes take users to existing workouts
or Gymshark blog posts for further information.

Integrating the Gymshark App

A brand new space dedicated to Muscle and Hustle on the Gymshark Training app. A social media-style interface with a profile, option to post, and a home feed featuring friends’ posts. There is also a rankings page encouraging a little bit of healthy competition between friends.


A mobile Gymshark pop-up would be present at freshers events all over the UK, and they would travel to campuses in order to onboard students into the Muscle and Hustle campaign. Students would be required to download the Gymshark app (a key part of Muscle and Hustle). Once they have done so they would be given a branded Gymshark freshers pack, which would include their Muscle and Hustle cards.

Promotional Video

A hype video to set the tone of voice of the campaign, and give context to the card game showing how users interact with the game and adjust it to meet their needs.

Key Skills

  • Creative Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Social Media

Work Experience

I have 3-4 years of industry experience, through freelance, contracted and internship. This experience includes graphic design, branding, illustration, social media management, content creation and email marketing. I am keen to dive straight into the marketing and design industry within an in-house design team for a brand that I am passionate about.

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