Aaliyah Ali

A multidisciplinary designer with a focus on innovative ideation, branding and visual identity. I hope to broaden my skillset further within the branding and marketing industry.

D&AD New Blood Awards Submission

biffbaff: The new face of giffgaff

giffgaff has successfully become a B-Corp! but what’s the problem? Unfortunately, not everyone knows what being a B-Corp means. We produced a campaign to show that giffgaff is taking their B-Corp status seriously. What’s more serious than a complete rebrand? Introducing biffbaff! (at least for B-Corp Month anyway)

Collaborative effort by designers Aaliyah Ali and Safiya Jagot.

biffbaff Brand Presence

giffgaff will unexpectedly change all brand assets on their social media and website including their well-known mobile network name to ‘biffbaff’. This will commence the start of B-Corp Month in March and will surely get people talking.

The Reveal

48 hours later, giffgaff come clean. A live Instagram announcement and television advertisement will air; explaining giffgaffs big change behind their new look as well as their new B-Corp status. This is giffgaffs opportunity to explain their contribution to the community and planet as well as the benefit of B-Corporations across the world.

biffbaff Gives Back

As a major community led brand, giffgaff refuse to forget the members that have contributed to their success and in honour of their loyalty, giffgaff have an extra special treat to award them. What marks an occasion for a mobile network better than a goodybag of extra data?

Beyond the Campaign

To ensure the B-Corp journey continues beyond B-Corp Month and after the return of our familiar ‘giffgaff’, an additional B-Corp community platform will be incorporated into ‘The giffgaff Community’. Here, members will engage, share and feel empowered by their purchases attracting those mindful of their personal shopping habits.

Presentation Video

Press play to find out more about the campaign and watch the biffbaff television advertisement.

Final Year Projects

The Legend of Kaldi: A sip of the Middle East

Legend says, Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi first discovered the potential of the beloved coffee beans in 700AD. Kaldi noticed that after eating the berries from a nearby tree, his goats became so energetic that they did not want to sleep at night. After consulting a monk, he disproved of their use and threw them into a fire which resulted in a pleasing aroma – the worlds first roasted coffee.

The Problem

As the second largest commodity in the world today after oil, coffee is the most drunk beverage in the world and has held great significance in the Middle East since 700AD. Coffee cultivation and trade began in the Arabian Peninsula, yet most coffee lovers like you and I have been completely unaware.

The Solution

Kaldi® is a coffee house authentic to the original coffee culture. This is a brand I created that sheds light on the true history of the coffee bean and its Middle Eastern roots. Kaldi® has a target audience of coffee lovers ranging between the ages of 21-45. The brand identity is catered to attract this audience providing a balanced young and traditional look with influence from Arabian architecture and language. This is done through the use of recognisable geometric patterning common in Middle Eastern art.

Additionally, illustrative elements have been placed at the forefront of the brands identity which reflect the Legend of Kaldi. The representation helps educate and inform consumers of the brand and the notorious tale describing the birth of coffee. By applying this representation and identity to brand assets such as menu’s, packaging and as mural art for the coffee house interior and exterior, consumers are led through the tale and history from the products on the shelf to the door of the store.

The Aim

This project aims to inform and educate the target audience, and other coffee lovers around the world, of the history behind the coffee bean and its connection to the Middle East from the coffee plant, to the cultivation and to the trade. The most important objective with the identity of Kaldi® is to create a balanced identity between both Eastern and Western in order to communicate this necessary message to all coffee lovers by providing a ‘sip of the Middle East’ through the branding of Kaldi®.

Kaldi® Brand Assets

EDEN: Mankind’s Next Giant Leap

This speculative project explores the potential of interstellar travel and exploration for the human species in the future. It was during the 16th century that Galileo proposed the sun was the centre of our solar system and everything revolves around it. Scientists accepted this concept and began to hypothesise that other planets outside of our solar system revolved around their own sun. We have discovered an Earth-like planet orbiting one of our closest stars named Proxima B. This habitable planet is mankind’s best bet at a new start and quite literally our Plan ‘B’. Despite its hypothetical existence, the brands core purpose is to solve a very real issue we are facing today.

The Problem

The Earth is slowly becoming uninhabitable for humans. Global warming and pollution have affected our home to the point of near extinction. Metals, minerals, oil, and water are scarce. The Earth lacks capacity to hold the entire population of mankind. A ‘fresh start’ is what the human race need.

The Solution

Scientists such as Stephen Hawking have previously expressed their concern and identified one probable solution; to colonise space. I created EDEN©; a space agency consisting of multiple interstellar organisations such as NASA, CNSA and many others. It is a joint brand created to ensure the success of their mission; PLAN.B which is the expedition and permanent human relocation to Proxima-B.

To ensure PLAN.B is a success, EDEN© must recruit volunteers who feel passionate about the brands purpose but who are also capable enough to contribute to this mission. The target audience are likely between the ages of 25-50 and have years of experience within vital industries such as botany, healthcare, civil engineering etc. These are professions that ensure an entire society and infrastructure can be recreated and become self-sustaining on Proxima-B. The branding of EDEN© is tailored to ensure this audience can connect with it and to establish feelings of trust and hope as it explores traditional design techniques dating back to the Age of Colonialism – a reminder that mankind have always been capable explorers and pioneers. Due to the advanced nature of the project and its context regarding technology and research, the brands mission is set to take place in 2035.

EDEN© Systems Map
Follows the journey of the brand highlighting achievements and the process behind the PLAN.B mission.

The Aim

The aim of this project is to provide a worthy face
and identity to a space agency whose goal is to
completely alter life for the human race, for the
ultimate greater good. To provide a solution to the
problems on Earth threatening mankind’s existence.
An educational element is also implemented as
it provides the audience with a reality that could
become possible in the next few years if the human
race continue to treat the world ignorantly leading
to its decline.

EDEN© Brand Assets


  • Diploma of Professional Studies
  • FORMAT19 Photography Award with final work showcased at LCB Depot exhibition

Work Experience

Junior Graphic Designer: Me:Mo Restaurant Marketing Agency
Jul 2021 – Jul 2022
Working across a range of designs, from social media branding to web designs, menus, flyers, press invites and branding documents.
Involved with creative planning for clients as well as working across different brands from Michelin starred restaurants, to small independent chains.

Junior Graphic Designer: Gateway Sixth Form College
Sep 2017 – Jul 2019
Created advertisements for Metro ads and Billboard displays whilst ensuring compliance with brand guidelines. Promoted events by designing posters weekly using Adobe software, including flyers and banners for various subject courses.

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