Aleida Hammond

My name is Aleida Hammond and I am a Final year Fine Art student. Here lies the introduction and guide to my final project, as well as my journey up to the degree show.

Final Project

Ordinary Saints

‘Ordinary Saints’ consists of a series of photographs alongside interviews with different individuals. The interviews cover a variety of themes such as faith, love, and spirituality. The aim of this project is to create an open dialogue around how the themes relate to the contemporary world. 

Real Men Cry: Freddy

‘Real Men Cry’ displays a series of photographs surrounding mental health topics in the black community. It specifically looks at two different black men and the contrast of how society views them in comparison to how they view themselves.

Real Men Cry: Imar

Different stereotypes and misconceptions are addressed visually through photographs. It invites the audience to think about how they view people of colour and assess their own inward biases. 

Portrait: Stormzy

A portrait of the British rapper, singer, and songwriter Stormzy is displayed. The composition displays a sense of power and authority. Stylistically, painting Stormzy black and white was chosen to compliment the bold red background. Contextually it parallels looking at celebrities as human beings and not just for their status or what they do.  Additionally, the red background emphasises passion and emotion. Overall, the portrait dictates a sense of authority but also humility. This portrait is acrylic on canvas. 

Portrait: Cross To Bear

‘Cross To Bear’ is a portrait which showcases a young black woman. She displays confidence as well as hints of vulnerability. The colour purple has connotations such as royalty, power, and ambition. It also creates the feeling of trust and reliability, which contrasts the stereotypes of black women being aggressive and threatening.  Purple both calms and stimulates. This places the viewer in the right place for introspection and focused insight.

The title has a combination of meanings. It alludes to one’s own personal relationship with God and the cross one must bear to remain faithful. It also touches on the struggles black women continuously carry. It is up to the audience to also interpret what the piece could mean to them. 

Journey to the Show

Progression Of The ‘Cross To Bear’ Painting

Experimentation Of Curating My Work

Preparing Mounts To Display My Photography

The journey towards the degree show has been a unique experience. Having the time to focus on making a large body of work to display publicly has been highly beneficial. What has also helped me on this journey is the overall feeling in the department. Everyone has an attitude of determination and it’s very encouraging. 

My body of work is a combination of photography and painting. I wanted to bring together all the different elements of my craft. Additionally, I challenged myself by painting two large-scale paintings, which I haven’t done in over two years. The facilities have helped me to experiment with my practice.

Throughout this process, I have been documenting my journey by vlogging day-to-day during my time in the studio. This video can be found on my YouTube channel, as well as a video coming out on the LU Arts YouTube page @lborouniarts. 

Loughborough University, specifically the Fine Art department, has shaped my artistic practice. Freedom to develop is essential, and this is given to each student for our craft to flourish. My time in Loughborough has helped me to feel prepared to continue my practice as an artist after university.


Wearenotinnocent Exhibition 2018

Work Experience

Social Media Manager – The Generations Podcast – 2023 January to present

Freelance Artist and Photographer – 2018 to present

Placement – Shadowing Kelda Storm – 2021

Nicola Green Studios – Shadowing Nicola Green – 2018

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