Final Project

Expressing Elderly Skin

My practice explores the aesthetic qualities of ageing skin through the processes of photo transfers, cyanotypes, and photography. These processes entice the audience into focusing on the texture and detail of the skin. I have developed these processes to form a concept called  ‘the reveal’ where water must be applied to my photo transfers in order for the photography to be seen. My intentions are for the audience to admire and interact with my work in order to appreciate the skin we all have yet to come.  

Mary Peters

The original photo, taken for the 240cm x 210cm cyanotype.

Journey to the Show

The images above show the cyanotype process for my large-scale piece. I decided to use the UV projection room instead of exposing the emulsion to sunlight, in order to control the UV rays and the time period to which it was exposed. This ensures the right tone of blue is achieved to give clarity and depth to my cyanotype.

From experimenting on different surfaces I found that transferring my photography onto a mirror created an interesting image. The glare of the mirror added an iridescent feel which mimicked the sunlight on the sitter’s skin. The fragility of the paper echos the fragilty of the elderly skin.

The idea of ‘the reveal’ encourages the audience to spray the photo transfers with water in order for the photo to be seen, it is as if the skin is being rejuvenated.

Framing within Photography

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