Final Project

Through large-scale abstract works, my practice explores the interaction of colour. I am drawn to boldness and vibrancy, and I study their harmonious balances and contrasts.

Trailing green and blue, 2023
Painting Red meets coral

A key aspect within my practice is colour translucency. To alter paint opacity exposes a depth of layers, which reveals my complex painting process.

Show curation

For my degree show I am designing unique, abstract – shaped murals behind my paintings to unite them with the architecture of my room.

Each mural is designed with a harmonising colour to the painting and subtly follows areas of the composition.

Under Line with mural, 2023
A trial of circular motion, 2023

A trial of circular motion is the biggest painting to be featured in my show, measuring 2 meters x 2 meters. It is also my most detailed work, since the larger canvas demanded more areas of interest.

Journey to the Show

Detail of Trailing green and blue

Each layer in my works are mindfully considered and planned with sketches. However, when I’m painting, I try to be as loose and free as possible to allow for confident and carefree brush marks.

Painting Red meets coral

Other Works

Green flow, 2023
Curvic yellow, 2023

Green flow and Curvic yellow will be featured in my degree show.

Conversational, 2022

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