Final Project

Horeya – What Can’t Hijabi’s Do!?

In the Western world, the Hijab is seen as oppressive. This is a misconception, and creates barriers for Hijabi women in the Western world who are negatively judged for wearing it.

Horeya is an app that aims to empower Hijabi women in the Western world by creating a safe environment to learn, connect, and inspire, while building a thriving Hijabi community.

Horeya is aimed at two sets of audiences residing in the Western World: The Muslim woman (on one side; the orthodox Muslim: a working woman trying to establish herself as an independent Hijab woman. On the other the confused Muslim: a young woman struggling to fit in socially due to misconceptions) and the Western woman who doesn’t understand the meaning of the Hijab.

The app focuses on three themes: education, support, and inspiration to all each person to make the most out of Horeya according to their individual needs.

App Activation: Through experiential design, the successes of different Hijab women will be highlighted to promote the thriving community, and, in turn, Horeya. The aim of this is to push against the misconception of the Hijab being oppressive in the Western world and inspire other Hijabi women to follow their ambitions and dreams with the help of Horeya.

Social Media: An online social media presence for the app will reach a wider audience than just those who encounter the experiential design.

One of a series of stories launched highlighting the successes of Hijabi women while promoting Horeya and the thriving community.

Other Work

If You Can’t Read This Then…

A typographic campaign exploring the illiteracy of domestic workers in Egypt. By placing the viewer in the place of someone who can’t read, the campaign invites the viewer to contemplate on the relationship between reading and safety.

Placed in context, each poster will warn of potential hazards. To decode the message, the viewer will scan the QR code that leads them to the decoding service.

Decoding Process

Leaders of the Game – England

Racism is a continuous issue within football. Despite the attempts of several campaigns, the numbers of reported cases continue to rise. Leaders of the Game is a campaign highlighting the diversity in the England 2022 World Cup Squad united by a passion for football and determination for success.

The campaign follows each player’s story from their grass root to the World Cup and make apparent how their dedication is what lead them to represent England.

Taking place throughout the duration of the 2022 World Cup, this campaign aims to celebrate diversity and its pivotal role in football.

Instagram Player Spotlights

Work Experience

Branding, Design, and Social Media Intern at Our Neighbourhood (August 2021 – August 2022)

Design Intern at Candy Kitten (April 2021 – October 2022)

Social Media Manager at Loughborough Students Women’s Football Club (July 2020 – August 2021)

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