Final Projects

Intergenerational Interaction

This project’s focus was to create an editorial illustration which highlights messages around intergenerational interactions and how we are all in a way reflections of one another despite our age. Hence, the title of this work “They were once young, they will become old”. This works purpose was to highlight the benefits of intergenerational interaction where both generations x and z can mutually learn from each other.

Munich: Altstadt-Lehel Exploration

This project’s focus was more personal to myself and connecting back to the place where I grew up which is Munich, Germany. Here I wanted to explore the surroundings specifically in Altstadt-Lehel, which is placed in-between 2 of the 4 ‘Prachtstra├čen’ of the city. The idea behind this documentational project was to enjoy exploring these streets by taking in the surroundings rather than focusing on destination points such as a museum. The outcome includes 2 printed books which highlight the journey’s that I went on when walking along both streets, using photography, illustration and typography to document this explorational journey.

All of the Above

Group Project in collaboration with Natalie Haytayan

This group project revolves around the topic of ‘Third Culture Kids’ and providing a collaborative space for TCKs to share their stories and for other collaborators to visualise these. As third culture kids ourselves, Natalie and I wanted to develop a project which celebrates the experiences that people like us have as TCKs and provide a space for this. The outcomes for this include primarily a zine which would be handed out at the Global Ball, held in the US, to advertise the platform ‘All of the Above’ to connect people together through the stories and experiences of Third culture kids.

Previous Year Work Highlights

Year 1 – Greta Thunberg Illustration

This was my favourite illustrative project where we were given articles to choose from, for which we would then have to produce an illustrative outcome. For mine, I chose the Greta Thunberg article, which revolves around the ideas of restoring, protecting and funding towards the environment.

Year 2 – Big Book Project

For this group book project we were given various poems to choose from the stories of ‘Cautionary Tales’ to put together into a collective book. My role was as layout / editorial designer. I enjoyed this project as it gave me the chance to develop my skills working collaboratively with others.

Year 3 – TCS

For semester 1 of final year I developed a project around ‘Third culture kids’. My outcome was mainly a service concept which is the ‘third culture society’ where third culture kids would be able to come together to various meet up events. Here members could share their experiences and build their own identity through documenting their membership as part of the TCS by collecting event stamps in a personalised passport.

Placement Highlights

For my placement in 2021-2022 I decided to work abroad in the city where I grew up which was in Munich, Germany. Here I worked for the card/photo company Kartenliebe, for whom I worked as part of the graphic design team to bring new designs to their website and develop pre-existing ones. Here I got the opportunity to explore my strengths and began to realise my interest in layout and print design. This placement was very beneficial for me to step out of my comfort zone as well as get to know a great team of people who I am greatful to have been given the opportunity to work with.

Work Experience

Alongside my studies and going abroad for my placement year to work in industry, I have had a variety of work opportunities as a freelance graphic designer. As a freelance designer for Tall PR I got the opportunity to work with clients such as michelin star restauranteur and chef Atul Kochhar, for whom I designed the layouts of the menus for his restaurant ‘Masalchi’ in Wembley, London.

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